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What could cause a tendon/muscle to protrude into side of vagina?

25yo, healthy weight, relatively fit.
Yesterday I found a hard, tight long bump protruding in to the side my vagina, running nearly horizontal, pretty confident it's a muscle/tendon, quite painful to touch.
I can palpated the other side and feel one on that side too but not protruding or sore.
Book in to see the Gyno but can't get in for 12 days, wouldn't off worried until this morning.
Woke to frequent urge to pee and an uncomfortable feeling similar to yeast infection without the discharge or odor. 15hours later and IV just noticed at some point today, the front wall on my vaginas become saggy.

Any ideas the cause of this coming on so suddenly?
What the muscle/tendon is called?
And do I need to call and escalate this to urgent?

(I'm avoiding blowing it out of proportion with the DR as I honestly don't know if it's urgent, plus I have hemorhoids that are really bad and would prefer they settle a little first)
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Yes, I agree that it sounds like a prolapse.  Can be bladder, uterus or even anal prolapse.  The other thing to look into is a bartholin cyst.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bartholin-cyst/symptoms-causes/syc-20369976  Depending on your age, that might be more likely.  Read that link and it has a picture.  It's often inside the vagina about where you are saying you have this issue.  Your gyno will be able to determine the issue when they see you.  Prolapse or cysts aren't super dangerous.  I think getting in to your doctors in a couple weeks would be okay?  
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Thanks for your answer.
It's not a cyst, it further up and definitely a muscle or tendon. The shape and feel is very clear.
okay,  got it.  Here's some information on prolapses.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/rectocele/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20353419  For some that it isn't causing discomfort, they leave them and observe.  I actually have one myself.  Good times.  Child birth did me in.  I was told to do kegal exercises and watch my weight.  Also, straining during bowel movements is problematic so working on not being constipated was something I was told to do as well.  Let us know what your doctor says.  Waiting until your appointment should not be an issue. These aren't dangerous.  Let us know how it goes.
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It sounds like a prolapse, which is the intrusion into the vagina from an organ that is not usually there. Not just the uterus but other organs can intrude into the vagina by pushing on its wall, though it's usually an issue for women who have had children, and not necessarily said to be painful. I think in your case, since you have pain and your doctor appointment is so far out, seeing someone more urgently would be useful -- can your doctor's office get you an appointment with your doctor's partner sooner than your usual doctor? If not, I would consider urgent care. The hemorrhoids would not be a reason to avoid seeing the doctor, they might even be adding to the situation.
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Also, if it is a prolapse of the bladder into the vaginal area (a cystocele) it can get infected, which would be painful.

I don't think prolapse in general is considered an emergency, but in your case with the hemorrhoids and the pain (suggesting an infection) I'd do what I could to get an exam before 12 days from now.
Thank you for your reply AnnieBrook.
I was under the impression Prolapses were slow and not sudden.
Still no better today. I measured my cervix and its sitting 2cm lower than it ever has and when I bare down it is at the entrance.
Unfortunately the doctor wasn't able to make an earlier appointment so I will have to spend tomorrow looking for other doctors in the area :(
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