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What could it be?

I'm 25 years old, my menstrual  cycle haven't come yet, I'm 2 weeks late. I did a pregnancy yesterday from the store and it came out negative.  I don't think I'm pregnant though because we use condoms, and me and my bf hardly have intercourse. Only once in a while. I think last week and 3 weeks ago. We use the condoms the right way. I really wonder why is late. I have a doctors appointment soon. I don't know what's wrong with my body, my breast are sensitive, I'm nauseous, my tommy feels bloated and it feels like if I was going to have the cycle but nothing.
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You might do another pregnancy test tomorrow. Be sure to use concentrated (first morning) urine, if you do the test after drinking liquids, your urine might be too diluted for the test to show the hCG levels. Dollar Store tests are inexpensive and sensitive, you could try one from there.

If you get another negative and are sure you did the test the right way, it could just be that your period is late or you skipped it. Sometimes this happens, it's not highly unusual.
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