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What does dark brown discharge instead of period mean?

2 months ago, I had dark brown discharge instead of my period. I don’t remember how long it lasted.

1 month ago, I had a normal period.

Since yesterday I have brown discharge instead of my period again. It is quite smelly.

Does this mean anything? I haven’t had sex in the last few months.
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Hello and welcome.  So, brown discharge is old blood.  It's usually harmless and all women get it from time to time. Times when it is most likely are right before a period or as a period ends.  Perhaps your period is getting ready to start?  Hormones can also cause brown discharge like if you are a little imbalanced.  And in the teen years (don't know your age), it is very normal to be irregular.  The smell is the only concerning thing.  Women can get a bacterial infection of the vagina called bacterial vaginosis. It's hallmark sign is a bad smell, really foul.  If the smell keeps up, you'll need to see a doctor who will swab your discharge and take a look under a microscope. BV is treated with antibiotics.  You do not have to be sexually active to get it.  But it may just be stinky because it's old blood.  ONE other possibility, would there be any chance that you left a tampon in last time you used one? That can happen and you get a super bad SUPER BAD smell and brown to black discharge.
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