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What is going on with my body after Leep surgery?

Hi so I had a leep surgery done two weeks ago. They cut out more than half of my cervix. I know my body is sensitive. I had to call off work the first full week from pain. And now I am getting 99.5 to 98.7 temps. Sweating a lot, chills, heavy blood flow, extreme migraines and I rarely ever have them. Deep nausea, body aches so bad I was shaking. And now I had a big clot come out when I went to the bath room. What is wrong? What do I do? How do I make this pain stop?
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Honey, it could be from your Leep and it could be Covid-19 and it could be both. Call your doctor, or if it is bad enough, call urgent care or the ER and see if you should be checked.
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I think you need care to find out what is going on as well.  Absolutely.  You could have an infection from the surgery and yes, it's covid time too.  Let us know what happens.  
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