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What is it?

I'm 19 years old. I'm a virgin and recently while masturbating with my figer (I have annual type of hymen)... I've discovered I have some kind of tissue inside my vaginal wall on the left. It is the texture of the mushroom on top of it, so it is like a circle with a bump. It's inside, so it's not something I can feel through the walls. It's inside. It's very smooth, and spongy. I feel very scared. I've received oral sex in August and he used his finger to penetrate me. I also have PCOS. I feel very scared because I don't know what it is. I've noticed it in September and it was a size of a chewing gum, in November it was a size of my nail and now in December it's a size of the top part of my finger. So it is growing and I can feel pain in my left ovary and in a place that connects my body with my left leg. My periods are irregual since I was 13 because of my PCOS.
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If you are sure this has never been there before you first noticed it, go see your ob-gyn and get a checkup, and specifically ask if it might be genital warts. I would not be scared in your shoes, but I would certainly be eager for a good doctor to give me an exam and tell me what it is. The pain you are feeling in your left ovary might be something totally different, like an ovarian cyst. Good luck! and write back with what the doctor says it is.
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I agree that an exam would be a good idea.  It is for all women your age to start doing regularly (once a year).  clinics can do it too like planned parenthood if you live in the United States).  If you are in school like college, they often have a clinic that can do it.  As your mom if none of this is ringing a bell to set up a doctor's appointment for you as she probably can recommend her doctor if you've never had a pelvic exam before.  

Our vagina's can have things that feel funky in it.  We aren't good at always knowing what they are ourselves.  Things like your hymen . . . no idea what you mean by you have an annual hymen.  By the way, we can break that through fingering. But determining if it is in tact or not ourselves is hard or if we are touching our own cervix, etc.  You could have genital warts although you are a virgin.  Less likely in that case. Did you have the vaccination for it?  My kids did at age 13 and all should have it prior to becoming sexually active. But that would be important to know.

Our vaginas can feel kind of crinkly (mushroom head?) but you should get it checked out. Could it be a prolapse pushing through--  this would be like a bulge.  It's kind of an unlikely suggestion though.  If you are overweight or smoke, maybe.  But I would not worry 'too' much about that possibility.

If you are talking about closer to the entrance of your vagina, this is an area that can feel different. And if your hymen actually broke, it can have remains that feel lumpy.

A vaginal cyst on the wall can happen. Not uncommon.  Usually they have NO symptoms and aren't treated. Unless you have pain during sexual activity or can't insert a tampon, a doctor will likely tell you to leave it alone.

That's my guess, vaginal wall cyst.  But only a doctor can determine this.  See one and let us know!
An annular type of hymen is a type of hymen which has a proper circle, a hole in the middle of it. There are other types of hymen but annular type is the most common type. Here you can read more about them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmRzS79PiTU Annular type allows me to penetrate in my vagina with one finger without damaging  my hymen. I was born with a hole that is that size and it is completely normal.  I can go on a vaginal ultrasound because I'm a virgin. You can't insert anything larger than a finger inside my vagina without breaking it. I will go to a doctor and ask for a an abdomen ultrasound. He/she can also try to touch it with their finger. It's not cervix. I know anatomy. Cervix is at the end of the vaginal canal. This is not at the end, this is on the side of my vaginal canal. I can travel further. I mean I could have because this thing blocked the canal. It's not hard to see do you have a hymen. Google and see pictures online than with a help of a mirror see do you have it or you don't. I'm not from USA. I'm from Eastern Europe and we don't get a vaccination for any type of STD. A prolapse of an uteras get older women who had a multiple childbirths. I just said I'm a virgin with untouched hymen. I've had oral sex and STI is a possibility but very unlikely because I can see anything outside... A vaginal cyst sounds more likely... and they can have symptoms. Unless I have pain during sexual activity? Didn't know virgins can have sexual activity... Tampon is larger than my figer when it is soaked in blood. I can't use them. I've had oral sex. It's a penetration in my mouth where I have no symptomps. I've never had vaginal sex or anal sex.  Please read more carefully next time and thank you for your response.
I thought she read very carefully, your original post said "annual" and not "annular." She was justified in asking what the heck you were talking about.
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You said annual type of hymen so asked what it was.  ! You sure are in touch with your hymen.  We are volunteers that try to help people. Stated it is likely a vaginal cyst.  Usually doesn't require treatment.  good luck
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I might add, some people have a cervix on the right or left, not directly at the end of the vagina. Not everyone is built like the anatomy books. But since you said it is changing in size (growing) that would not be it, unless you were feeling it at different times of the month (women doing natural family planning always put great store on whether the cervix is hanging down or not, it means something about their fertile time of month). I hope the abdominal ultrasound works for you and your doctor does not do anything that penetrates your hymen, since that sounds very important to you to preserve.
My gynecologist penetrated me with his finger. It kind of broke my hymen... but just a little. I still have it. It's not that i'm saving for marriage... It is just important for me to have my first vaginal sex experience like everyone else has. It's not my fault that the one for me hasn't come yet. To get to the point, he said that it is my cervix and that I don't have anything else in my vagina. So can anyone tell me more about cervixes that are on the left side of the vagina. Does that make problems when babies come out?
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My cervix is on the left as well. It is not considered a problem for having a baby, since by the time you are 100% effaced in the childbirth process, there really is no cervix left. It's wide open.
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