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What is this red bump on my areola?

I have a red bump on my areola, not my nipple. It is painless. I am not pregnant or have ever breastfed. It just popped up one day. It is bigger than a normal size pimple. I can feel it under the skin.
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This is just one bump?   If it were swollen or painful, I'd say see a doctor as you might have a little infection. Here's an article.  https://www.healthline.com/health/skin/bumps-on-nipple  My thought is that it is probably something to do with the hair follicle.  We also have glands on our ariola that are called Montgomery glands that secrete oil.  This could become clogged or infected.  If it continues for a while and doesn't go down or if it becomes painful, hot to the touch or anything like that, I'd go see your doctor.
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Yes it's just one bump. I'm thinking it's a clogged Montgomery gland. Do you know how that happened and any possible home remedies?
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