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What to do about frequent yeast infections?

It's embarrassing, it's disgusting, and it takes away one of the few joys I get out of life - sex. I am so tired of yeast infections. If anything makes me want to stop being a woman and turn into a man, it would be a yeast infection. I would even declare that these things have given me depression!!

Does anyone have advice for treating these ASAP and, of course, methods for keeping them away?
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Thank you very much for your reply.

I suppose my blood sugar is a possibility, though I doubt it. I'm not overweight and my sugar intake tends to be low; in fact, sometimes I get jittery and I thought it was because of low blood sugar. I haven't been tested, so I could be false...

My doctor has given me oral pills for my yeast infection treatment on multiple occasions; in fact, I seem to have yeast every time I get checked. It definitely helps with the itching and smell; however, the soreness around my entrance seems to take longer to go away.

I considered it being my partner, though it seemed unlikely. Would an over the counter cream treatment be okay for him? I know that may sound silly; but, his insurance won't cover a doctors visit for awhile.

All my panties are cotton; in fact, since I'm home a lot, I tend to go commando often. I don't own tight clothes and I try to clean her often, just with some gentle scrubbing on the outside with a wash cloth.

I have a yogurt a day, though that may not be good enough... What a mess.
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Three things come to mind - have you had your sugar checked?  

Have you ever been treated with oral diflucan (which I found to be more effective than the vaginal creams);  

Has your partner treated... I know yeast isn't like an STD... but if you have the same partner and he has some yeast on his penis, I would imagine that it could be given back to you.  (just a thought);  

Other things you could try... cotton panties, non-dye detergent and fabric softeners, Always keep the area clean and dry - especially after working out when you sweat, and after swimming (get out of the swimsuit fast);  You might also want to try taking an over the counter probiotic just to make sure your GI tract has all of the good bacteria.

I hope some of this helps - good luck.  I suffered with them horribly with my third pregnancy and it was because my blood glucose was slightly elevated.  After I delivered, I didn't have any more problems.  
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