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What's happening to me??

I have started to have a horrible stench to my urine. So bad that it is embarrassing to use the restroom in public or even at my home. It's horribly terrible! It smells like rotten eggs or something. I have also started to not be able to hold my urine for any time at all when i feel it i have to go then or it feels like I might well **** myself. I don't know what it could be. I did some online research, says stop drinking juices so water was the only choice and that's not working. I'm scared. I'm young just turned 18 and I believe that my body has gone through enough changes. I have been able to talk to my mom about the rest but this one just seems abnormal and I'm scared she'll think it's something like STDs or something(i do not have STDs). So if there is any explanation to any of this i would be so thankful.

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Hi there and welcome to med help.  Sweetie, don't be afraid to talk to your mom about this as you need to go to the doctor.  Urinary tract infections can cause this.  Typically you do have burning upon urination with an UTI but don't absolutely have to.  Antibiotics are needed to clear that up.  Also, they may check you for diabetes.  Don't be afraid.  better to know than not.  Dehydration can cause it but you are drinking plenty you say.  Are you taking any medication??  Basically, you need to check that out as it could be connected to an infection of your urinary tract or bladder.  good luck
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Sounds a lot like a UTI to me. It is very common to have this kind of problem,  especially if you just recently started having sex. You absolutely need to see a doctor for antibiotics. If you are in college, try the campus health clinic.  If not, and you are scared to tell your parents,  schedule an appointment for a physical or some other reason.  
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Hey MsKing13, I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. It can be a really rought time getting used to your body growing up. I found something inspiring on the web today and I hope that you will find it useful- http://bit.ly/VSHOtg You can actually subscribe to get health tips everyday. Take care- Sara
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