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Whats my problem down there? Can you relate to my problems as well?

I need help. Umm. well this is like so embarrising to post but yeahh.. I am not sexually active, am a virgin and cannot seem to find whats wrong with my body. I have daily discharge kind of heavy (usualy oderless, white or yellowish and sometimes brown) but lately its ben bloody. It cant be my period because I got off of it 2 or 3 weeks ago. I also have frequent itching, and lately had odor or fishy smell down there. Could this be a cause of masterbating or what? PLEASE HELP !!!! :(    

I also have another problem down there. My clit. I do not feel comfortable about it. It is huge. How can I get it to be smaller? Is this normal? Pleasee hellppp!!!!!

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thankz !
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As for the discharge, it sounds like an infection. I would speak to a doctor about it, so they can confirm if it is or not and then give you what you need to treat it.

As for the size, they all are different. I don't think there's anything you can actually do about it, but yes it's normal. No two women are going to look identical, and there is no set size.
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