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What's wrong with me?

So, for the last three months I have been experiencing a weird dark brown period. Previously I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes which was contracted through an unfaithful ex. However after Googling my symptoms (which i probably shouldnt have done) it was indicated that it may be excessively slow periods (along with several other illnesses which scared me to death), but this usually only occurs at the beginning and ending of your period.

My bofriend said wait it out and see what happens maybe it is just old blood passing down. Last month I had two periods. A regular period at the start of the month then this dark brown discharge during the middle of the month.

This month however its itchy at my vaginal entrance and uncomfortable and some what swollen. Im going to the doctor soon to see what is up.

Has anyone ever experienced this? If so what was the cause and treatment?
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Ugh, sorry about the cheating ex.  That stinks.  So, hormone imbalance can cause that type of brown spotting.  Example is if you make too much progesterone. That is probably separate from the new symptom of itchy vagina and swelling.  When you see the doctor, don't lump them together.  And hopefully they do some lab work on you to check your hormone levels.  Are you on the pill or anything?

The itching and swelling may be a yeast infection.  Those itch  Your doctor will swab your discharge and be able to tell you.  You can take a pill the doctor prescribes or use an over the counter product like monostat one day ovules.  

When is your doctors appointment?
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