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White bumps in vagina what could this possibly be ?

Hello, I have white bumps all over inside of my vagina. They can be itchy and uncomfortable I also noticed that they might bleed. I am a virgin who only has oral sex. I’m 19. My symptoms are itching, discomfort, on and off discharge that varies from clear and slimy to brownish clear. My last Pap smear was last year. I went for testing of all possible std and infection 4 months ago multiple times and they all were negative. The symptoms started 7 months ago.
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The itching sound like a yeast problem.  An overgrowth of yeast is very itchy.  Discharge is often clumpy with that but doesn't have to be.  And irritation can occur that creates a tiny bit of blood which then makes it a brownish color.  You should either A. see your doctor.  This is your first yeast infection so that's usually recommended it.  They'll either give you a prescription for a pill you take OR instruct you on how to use OTC meds you buy yourself in the grocery store.  or B. go straight to the grocery or drug store yourself and get Monostat one day.  Use it at night and it usually is pretty effective.  I wear a pad when I use it just to be safe in case 'whatever' discharge comes out.  They make fungus wipes too that help relieve the itching.  You can then think of why you have it.  Antibiotics can cause the ph to get off as can douching.  Or it just happens. Taking a daily probiotic or drinking one of the smoothies with probiotics in it (bought in the dairy aisle) work pretty well.  

Otherwise, it's more skin related like contact dermatitis but I kind of doubt that.  I'm surprised you've been putting up with itching for 7 months!  Long time.  Go get it taken care of or try the OTC products.  good luck and come back and let me know what you think
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Ok thank you. I will be going to a new gynecologist Thursday hopefully I get new results.
Please come back and tell us what the doctor says!!
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