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White vision, hearing loss, dizziness, and nausea

So I'm 16 year old girl and earlier I was taking a shower and I was in there for about 20 min then I suddenly began to feel really sick and my vision went white. I stepped out and laid down to regain my strength and soon gained my vision back. After 5 min it went white again and I could faintly see things and my hearing started to become muffled. I tried to hear the clapping of my hands and could barely make out a sound. I lost a little feeling in my arms as well and soon fell over. I almost puked but am fine now. What is happening?
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Hi.  This is most likely due to something going on with your inner ear.  you could have an ear infection or virus that is causing inflammation in your ear and these symptoms are indicative of vertigo caused by that.  

Talk to your mom about seeing a doctor. good luck
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Let me rephrase that.  COULD be indicative of an ear infection or virus.  This is not a replacement for a doctor so you should be seen for any type of diagnosis.  good luck
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Tell your parent and ask them to book you in to see the doctor urgently.

Because you lost vision, your hearing, felt dizzy and lost some feelings in your arms is not an indication of a straight forward ear infection.

I trust your shower water was not too hot.  It seems to me that there was lack of blood getting into the brain, due to either too low or too high blood pressure.  This is one possibility, but there are other medical conditions that could cause the symptoms that you experienced, so it is very important that you see your doctor urgently.

Let me know how you get on.
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