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Why Me?

What will it take for me to get pregnant? I have had problems with my period for along time, I have went to several of doctors and they say nothing is wrong, Can any one help me? I really would love to start a family and I would make a excellent mom
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My dr told me that too told me i wantin it too much that why i didnt get pregnant i didnt agree i told her somethin wrong with me i told her to close my case u wasnt takin me serously i will find some one who will that not lazy to run tests and walked out so i went to see a  fertility dr. turn out i had pcos which why i wasnt gettin pregnant and havin irreg.. periods
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Go over to the fertility forum and see that it's not that easy.  It doesn't always happen that way and it's REALLY aggravating when people say that.

Iwantkids~If you have been trying for a year and still nothing your doctor will want to run a series of tests to rule out PCOS and endometriosis.  If your periods are irregular that sometimes is a sign of PCOS and the doctor will talk about treatments for you.
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hi i have tryed gettin peg so many tyms. But you know wat my doc sed to me... A wanted one that much my body wouldnt let me coz i was determnd to have one just relax and it will happen stop wantin on so much it helps  x x x
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