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Why am i bleeding after masturbation?

Hello everyone, so recently I masturbated with a vibrating soft bristled toothbrush because i read online saying that you could use it to do so. I inserted it and when i finished it was covered in blood and when i was cleaning it it looked like very small chunks of “meat” or part of my vagina came out. i’m lowkey freaking out with you please help me.
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My suggestion is not to believe everything you read online.

If your cervix was hanging low and was soft, it's possible the brush took off some of the tissue. This is the kind of thing that happens (except not nearly as severe) when the doctor uses a swab to remove some tissue when doing a pap smear. I think the cervix should recover from this, but it would not be stupid to call your doctor and discuss this with a nurse or with the doc. They might want you to go on an antibiotic to prevent infection of the area (especially if the toothbrush was not sterilized first) and they might want you to come in for an exam.

Goes without saying, don't do this again.
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Please be kind to your body. A toothbrush is much too harsh to use internally. Speak with your Dr or better yet see him/her in person and have them take a look-see. Don’t be embarrassed over something that may have injured you, and it sounds as it you may have indeed nicked your vaginal wall or cervix. An exam by your obgyn is a must. In the future invest in a nice vibratory. They range from very inexpensive to very costly. You can fine several online sites that sell high quality items, are companies owned by women with female designers. I’m blank at the two banes I could recommend. Yes. They are pricey but worth it for safety and your pleasure. Now, take a deep breath, have a glass of wine & make that appointment first thing tomorrow.
Hi paf1952, that's great advice!
you too Anniebrooke, :>))
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