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Why blood in urine, mild abd pain and back pain?

I had UTI and severe stomach pain. Came positive for UTI in urine analysis. After a five day course of Flaxovate and Norflox 400 i have hematuria: traces of blood in urine. It continues for a week. Second urine analysis states no pus cells. My periods were to be during the second week when i started hematuria. Doctor did a physical internal check up, all looked ok. Also the urine is clear with only blood strings sometimes or when I wipe.  My question is why blood, mild abd pain and back pain if no uti. Also I did lift some heavy things before hematuria started. But when I did the first test due to severe abdominal pain the ultrasound looked normal.
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The original cause of your hematuria seems to be the UTI that you were treated for. There are two types of hematuria: gross hematuria which means you can see the blood in your urine, and microscopic hematuria that is seen on a urine culture. If you were having your period, the blood could obviously be from that. So the question would be is the blood coming from the vagina or bladder. You could have a kidney stone which would cause flank pain and hematuria. It is also possible, though more unlikely, that your heavy lifting caused a hernia that caused some hematuria. Because there are so many differential diagnosis, the best bet would be following up with your healthcare provider. I think they would start with another urine culture, and depending on the results, would follow with a work up from there. I hope you feel better soon!
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Yes, agree. You should check in with your doctor for the blood in urine after treatment for a UTI.  Perhaps you still have the uti which would be my guess.  Let us know what the doctor says!
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Hi, thank you for the response. I got my urine culture reports today and it says no infection. The doctor saw my reports and said that there might be blood in urine due to uti or kidney stone. No more blood in urine since yesterday but It looks like I got my periods today cause it’s very light so far so I am confused . I am hoping all’s well inside. Thank you
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You would be in severe pain, if you had a kidney stone, and since the culture says no infection, I would check with your gynocologist next, if your pain persists, because sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between pain from your bladder or your uterus. Since your period is lighter than usual, there could be something else going on that you are not aware of in your vaginal area or uterus. Have you had a pap smear lately or have you been checked for a vaginal infection?
Hi, I was checked for vaginal infection and doc did internal physical examination and ultrasound but no unusual traces other than infection. Also never done a pap scan. But I was thinking this might be premenopause cause I have some signs similar to that.
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