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Why can’t my vagina get wet?

Okay so I’m 14 almost 15 and my vagina doesn’t get wet. My vagina used to get really wet from just thinking about stuff and kissing. Once when I was 13 I tried masturbating and it got me really wet. I tried it a couple times more recently and it was like barley anything has happened. I just don’t get wet like barley anything happens. My vagina will get warm though but not really wet. I’m not taking any medications either. Can someone please explain why this is happening. It’s been happening for a while.
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If you are saying that you were doing the exact same thing at 13 as now, no changes in techniques, fantasies, or situation, and the amount of natural lubrication has changed, maybe your body just doesn't find it as exciting, or maybe it's just been a different time of the month. (Your natural secretions are  much thicker at mid-cycle than they are right after your period or right before the next one.) I would try not to be watching and judging yourself. That can really get in the way of sexual excitement. Just go with what feels good and don't worry about quantity of wetness.
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