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Why do I have hair loss, fatigue, and itchy, rash like skin on the back of my hands?

I have been dealing with a lot of sensitivities for a very long time over the recent years of my life.  I don't have the energy level I use to have, I have been having problems since 2011 with my hair.  I have lost a lot of hair, it's limp, dull and lifeless.  The growing process has slowed down also, the hair loss and the shedding is very noticeable.  It is in my hairbrush, the sink, the shower, on my clothes.  I have went thru a lot of lint rollers over the years too.  I experience fatigue, sleepiness, I sometimes take naps during the day.  I don't want to get up in the morning, I keep hitting the snooze button.  It's as if I cannot get enough sleep, I run late.  I can be so hungry and in no time at all after I start to eat I am full.  I have stomach problems where I take O-T-C med's for gas, heartburn, fullness.  Since the early part of this year I have been dealing with itchy, bumps it is like a rash on the back of my hands and on some of my fingers.  I use moisturizing cream, hydrocortisone cream, I wash my hands with aloe vera soap.  I also have been dealing with urinary frequency over the years too.  I have been abstinent past 15 years, that is how long I have been single.  My sex drive has been pretty much gone during those years as well.  I have always been sensitive all of my life and it just becomes more apparent as I grow older.  I struggle with Depression, OCD, Anxiety and Mood Swing Disorders and Fibromyalgia.  Allergies, Sinuses, Skin Sensitivities, I have had rashes and hives before.  Strep, Sinus Infection, and my monthly Menstrual Cycle has changed quite a lot over the years and it really takes a toll on me.  I have been worried especially when it comes to the hair loss, shedding and the itchy, rash like skin on the back of my hands and fingers, the fatigue.  What if I could have something seriously wrong with me?  I would greatly appreciate it a lot if anyone here could reach out to me and give your input, your advice, please.  Thank you for your time.
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Hello, I'm glad you found our forum!  Is it okay if I ask you how old you are?  So, I've had a lot of changes over the years too.  I never had great hair so it is not as sad for me as it would be for someone that had nice hair most of their life.  I have lost hair and darn, the grey.  Irritating!  One thing that I wonder about is your thyroid.  Have you had that checked any time recently?  You can get your thyroid checked from a blood test.  Hypothyroid in particular can lead to hair loss.  And some of the other issues you mention could also be related.  Mood disruption can go hand in hand with thyroid issues.  In fact, I suffered a slow thyroid and felt depressed at the time.  My doctor felt they are interrelated.  Do you have a regular cycle? I was irregular at the time with my cycle.  But dry skin is very common as well, sleep issues and also I gained some weight.  Here's some info on thyroid issues and hair loss. https://www.healthline.com/health/thyroid-and-hair-loss  And this is a good read on thyroid issues, hypo, hyper, etc.  There are different problems and you do indeed have symptoms of this.  https://www.webmd.com/women/understanding-thyroid-problems-symptoms.  

We're here to talk to you about all of this!
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Hello COMMUNITY LEADER, how are you?  Thank you, Thank you so much for your reply!  I am so sorry for being so late replying back to you, I apologize.  I have so much that is going on online as well as taking care of things at home.  I am 45 years old but I have a birthday coming up next month.  As far as my thyroid I had a physical this spring and aside from what I have already been dealing with there was something about my thyroid but my Dr. didn't feel that there was anything to worry about.  I have a copy of the results and I would have to get those out and look at them.  I do have anxiety and mood swing disorders, depression, OCD, allergies and sinuses, fibromyalgia.  I don't know how to rate my cycle because I actually started mine today and I hate the way it makes me feel.  I have also noticed over the years, sleepiness, fatigue, taking naps sometimes during the day.  I have gained weight over the years but I have been maintaining what I have gained over the past 2 or 3 years.  I guess I have hit a plateau, when I have my weight checked it is about 167 or 168lbs. once it was 166lbs.  I have often wondered about my thyroid over the years but so far the blood work hasn't showed any cause for concern.  Any doctor that I have consulted about the itchy, rash like bumps on my hands, they have all said the same thing that it is nothing to worry about.  So I don't know?  But the hair loss that is also something that is a worry and a bother.  A person is going to notice something about oneself that has changed before anyone else will.  Over the recent years there has been a lot that has been mentioned in the media about both men and women suffering hair loss.  As well as, legitimate hair care products that are actually supposed to rejuvenate and stimulate hair growth.  Even Dr. Oz himself talked about this on his show,  it makes me feel ugly like I am living with a deformity, an abnormality.  The hair thinning, the shedding, the loss is really hurting me and I don't like myself.  I have problems already with self-image and my hair from what I have been told is baby fine but heavy.  I do not have naturally thick, curly or wavy hair but I like my hair long, I like length.  I do not want my hair cut off short or tapered.  I never could stand to see a girl or a woman with her hair cut short like that.  I have been washing my hair since sometime this August with Suave Coconut Oil Infusion.  The last beautician that I went to see suggested it, she said that I could try to use the conditioner first then the shampoo.  But since I struggle with depression I do not practice personal hygiene on a regular basis which I did tell the beautician about.  She told me to try to wash my hair every 2 or 3 days and so far I can't get myself to do it.  I can't even get myself to a beauty shop on a regular basis to get my hair washed and trimmed up.  I am on a new anti-depressant and I do not know if it is going to help me or not.  I go back to see my Dr. the early part of next month for an update and then I will tell him if I feel any better or not.  I read the papers that came with the prescription it will be some months to see, I started on the 22nd of October and it is called "Pristiq".  My mother is in her late 70's and she is not having problems with her hair, she likes her hair cut short and gets perms.  She actually just got one last week, her beautician tells her that her hair is so healthy.  So far it doesn't matter what beauty shop or salon I go to there is no hair care professional that takes my hair worries seriously.  And they tell me that I still have a lot of hair, well, maybe so but as time goes on what am I supposed to do should it continue to get worse?  I want my hair back, I don't understand what is wrong with me?  Something inside of me has changed or is broken, I don't feel like I used to 20 years ago.  I don't even feel like I did 10 years ago, I just can't get myself to do things like I used to.  I don't have the energy or the speed and yes I have discussed this with my Dr. and my counselor.  And so that is why I am on here conveying my situation hoping that someone here such as yourself could maybe shed some light on my situation.  I'm sure that I am not the first or the last woman to go thru this.  I truly do apologize to you for my lateness and for being so long in length with my response to you.  I hope to hear from you again.  Thank you for your time and have a good evening.
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Let me say this, some of the hair care products on the market cause an issue of once you start using it, if you stop, your hair falls out.  So, read read read before using anything.  The products like rogaine and such I am speaking of.

I totally understand where you are at and the feeling of it just not being the same.  The new normal is that I'm just not that young.  In health, looks and attitude. How are your hormones in general like estrogen and progestogen?

Try not to compare to your mom.  My hair dresser just told me that perms aren't even offered at this big salon I go to anymore and they just order them for the elderly ladies that still like them but once that stops, no one gets perms.  Who knows if her hair is really healthy or not as those are pretty high chemicals (spoken from a girl in the 1980's that had my fair share and more of perms and semi perms).  I will say that no matter what hair you have or what is going on, a good cut and care does wonders.  Try not to over process at home or comb/brush excessively.  My salon offers something called a protein treatment for hair too.  I have had it as I have thin, easy breakable hair.  I love the protein treatment. They massage it on (feels so good) and then put a hot towel over it and I sit and doze for 10 minutes and they rinse it out.  Literally my hair feels different after.  Aveeda is the place I have that done but any salon will offer it. It costs me 10 dollars. I do it about once every 6 weeks.  Cheap TLC treat I give myself.

Do you think menopause is doing a number on you?  It is me.  Moods take a toll!  
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Not to say this will take care of the whole package of issues, but have you taken iron regularly? Some of what you are describing sounds like the result of not enough iron. Take it with vitamin C for better absorption and see if it makes a difference.
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Have you had your thyroid level checked?  If not, please ask your doctor about it.  Low energy, hair loss - two symptoms of low thyroid.  Others are things like constipation and dry skin..  
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Oh ya, excellent point!  Absolutely those symptoms and what the poster mentions sound related.  thank you!!
Hello everybody!  How are all of you?  I hope that everyone is well and trying to stay safe.  I really do appreciate the responses that I have received.  I am supposed to have my yearly gynecological exam soon.  But due to the unfortunate, dark veil of this CoronaVirus that is causing so much tension, stress and pain.  I don't know if I will be going to see my Dr. or not, plus my Menstrual Cycle started today and more and more it is taking a toll on me.  I have been dealing with a lot of headaches or more to the point migraines, muscle soreness/body aches.  I am 46 years old now and I am truly sorry that it is taken me until now to log in to my account.  I have updated my information as well as a new profile/avatar pic.  I do not understand why some of the feedback that I received sometime ago was not what I found agreeable.  All of the beauty shops and/or salons offer many services when it comes to make-up, hair, manicures, pedicures and yes perms are available to anyone that would like to have one.  They are just not for the elderly and they do not have to be ordered.  Hair supplements/vitamins that do indeed promote and rejuvenate hair growth does exist.  That Dr. Oz himself promoted on his own show and I know of a few such as:  Hair Essentials, Hair Growth, Viviscal, Keranique, although with Keranique that is a hair care line that involves shampoo and and other products to use while taking a shower.  There is also Nutrafol and functionofbeauty and I am sure there are countless others.  I never mentioned Rogaine because that is not the way to go.  I finally made it to a beauty shop back in March of this year before the beauty shops closed down due to the virus.  I got my hair washed cut, layers, face framing, the bangs were cut but it is not going to be some kind of miracle cure for my hair.  I am not going to be one of these women that is going to welcome old age hood with open arms.  I have always been told that I have a youthful appearance and I happen to like that.  But the fact of the matter is I am now 46 years old and I do not like seeing what the aging process has done to me so far.  I do not drink, no drugs except prescription and/or over the counter, I do not smoke, I have never been pregnant, I have no children, I do not lie in the sun, no tanning beds, no tanning lamps.  I do not eat 3 square means a day and I do no always have dessert.  I do not eat half-cooked meant that is red or pink, any and all meat that I consume is well done.  I have tried just recently two different antidepressants which just like always never did help me except suffering from the ill-side effects.  Which unfortunately, caused me to gain more weight and it is not that easy trying to lose it.  So no more antidepressants anymore, I never did feel right about any of them that I have ever tried.  And I cannot turn my life in to an experiment or a science project.  Dieting might work for some but not for all, I have been there...done that.  It doesn't work, the older a woman is the harder it is going to be to try to lose weight.  I've never really had a life of my own and none of my hopes and dreams have ever come true.  When does my life start?  Because I'm still waiting.....I struggle and endure my own problems mentally, emotionally and physically.  My 20's and 30's are done gone, I can't get that time in my life back again.  I miss me, I want to be the way I used to be, the way I should be.  I do see a counselor of course now are sessions are over the phone and I am glad that she is there for me.  I didn't know that being in my 40's was going to be like this, my menstrual cycle continues to change and it is really knocking me for a loop.  I noticed that my body temperature has changed too, I have a sensitivity to the cold.  Whether or not that has anything to do with the fact that I have fibromyalgia but it doesn't take much I am burning up when I turn the heat on.  I have to turn the heat off and I am standing in my own front door open feeling that cold air or go to the freezer.  Either way that cold air feels wonderful, I had painful headaches or maybe they are migraines.  Sometimes the pills that I take help and sometime it doesn't even phase me.  I have used pieces of ice wrapped in a paper towel, heating pad or just recently Nyquil capsules.  Nyquil capsules helped me to relax and it got rid of the pain.  Sleep never has felt so good and I'd say right now all of us need plenty of rest.  As far as my hormones are especially where estrogen and progestogen are concerned I would not know.  I would have to talk to my gynecologist about this, that is if she would take me seriously about it.  I take a multivitamin such as Centrum, I take Fish Oil Softgels and 2 Probiotics a day.  I did not take mine today because I did not feel good, I keep record of taking my vitamins and supplements so I will take note of it.  I have wondered about my Thyroid as well, I have not had a physical since last spring.  So I would have to look into making an appt. with my Primary Care Physician but due to the virus I honestly do not know what Dr. appointments are to be allowed or not.  Its not as if I have not thought as well as worried about Menopause or what is referred to as Premenopause or something to that effect.  I also eat and drink foods and beverages that contain vitamins and minerals too.  I also drink bottled water and I eat crushed ice whenever I drink soda.  I started to cut back on soda last year about this time so I drink Pepsi with my dinner about 2 or 3 times a week over crushed ice.  Soda over ice cuts back on calories and I am definitely not going to cut out soda altogether.  Depriving oneself of what they like to eat and drink is not going to solve anything and it will not help anyone.  You find yourself starving, going to bed with your stomach growling and you feel like screaming at someone or at the whole world.  But I do not take Iron as in a supplement I suppose I should look into that, I do have Vitamin B-12.  They are still good but I have not taken any due to the fact I do not know if the human body can consume too much B-12 because it is one of the vitamins in Centrum.  Once again I really do appreciate everyone's input and I mean no offense or disrespect.  Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions.  I hope to hear from any of you if you would like to respond to me about this.  And thank you for your time.  Have a good night, sleep well and take good care.  Have a great weekend everyone!
I think you need to talk to a doctor who knows more about thyroid. Check into the Thyroid community here and you'll get an earful about how little the average doctor knows, and how most doctors don't do all the tests that would correctly assess thyroid issues.
Hello AnnieBrooke, thank you for reaching out to me and the Thyroid keeps coming up.  Maybe that is what has been my problem this whole time.  You are right Doctors do not do all of the right tests that are necessary.  I will check out the Thyroid community here asap.  Thanks a million!  I hope you are having a great weekend and have a good evening.
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I definitely agree with AnnieBrooke about the thyroid issue... Your symptoms certainly point in that direction.  Hair loss, dry itchy skin, depression/anxiety and most of the other symptoms you mentioned are very common with hypothyroidism.  

I'm not sure what doctors are making appointments right now, without them being related to the COVID-19, but as soon as you can, ask your doctor to test Free T4, Free T3 and TSH to check actual thyroid function.  In addition, have them do thyroid antibodies to determine if you have Hashimoto's, which is an autoimmune condition, which is the most common cause of hypothyroidism.  

Annie's right that most doctors don't do all the necessary tests for thyroid so be sure you get all the tests I mentioned above or you risk being misdiagnosed, which happens to so many of us.   Many doctors will also try to prescribe antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety meds when what we really need is thyroid hormones.  This includes endocrinologists as well as primary care doctors.  

It might be helpful if you could find those old thyroid results just to take a look at, even though they're no longer valid.  It sounds like you've been dealing with this for a while and it's not unusual to have symptoms long before actual labs go out of range.

When you get in to see your doctor, also ask to get vitamin B-12 tested, along with vitamin D and Ferritin.  All of these are necessary for proper thyroid function and metabolism, plus vitamin B-12 is necessary for red blood cell and energy production.  Vitamin D is necessary for immune function and Ferritin is the iron storage hormone.  Iron is also necessary for red blood cells and energy production.

Have you had a official diagnosis of Fibromyalgia?   Many of the symptoms of Fibro mimic those of hypothyroidism and go away once a person begins taking replacement thyroid hormones.  

Because reproductive organs are also part of the endocrine system (along with the thyroid), it's quite common for menstrual cycles to be erratic with hypothyroidism, but as you say, there's always perimenopause to be considered.  Having estrogen and progesterone levels tested would also be warranted.

If you'd like more information regarding thyroid conditions, symptoms, treatment, etc, you can access the Thyroid Disorders community via the following link:

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Hello Barb135, thank you also for replying to my post and for all of the very insightful info.  All of this is a lot to digest and yes I have been officially diagnosed by a Rheumatologist the summer of '03 that I have Fibromyalgia.  There is so much that you have shared with me that I was not aware of.  Thank you for the link that you have shared with me also, I will click on to that as soon as I get the chance to.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration.  I will have to make note about the tests that you have recommended too.  I had no idea that all of this had a lot to do with one's thyroid.  However, I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency I think that was back in '13.  I found out the hard way that I cannot take Vitamin D pills/capsules because I suffered from hives due to an allergic reaction.  I had to go thru a Steroid shot and a lot of Benadryl, it took quite awhile before it all finally left me alone.  I will look over all of the information that you and AnnieBrooke have conveyed to me again and like I said I will take note of what is necessary when I do get around to making an appt. with my primary care physician for a yearly physical.  I am supposed to see my Gynecologist this week for a yearly follow-up so I will talk to her as well about this.  Its just that I have consulted with her so many times in the past about concerns that were trivial and I was very upset over.  Because I feared that I had something seriously wrong with me and it was not serious at all.  Which I am so very grateful that I do not have the worst case scenario but I would hope that my Dr. would also consider the fact that I am getting older.  And all of us women, our bodies go thru a lot due to the fact that we are getting older and sadly things change that are beyond our control.  I hope that she would listen to me, take me seriously and not dismiss my concerns and worries.  The signs and symptoms that I have been experiencing sound a lot like what you have mentioned to me about hypothyroidism.  And then you also added about the Hashimoto's which you said is an autoimmune condition??  This is very important to know and of course I want to know if I could have this by being officially diagnosed by my Dr.  I cannot thank you two enough as well as the other contributors that have responded to my post.  I hope to hear from any of you again and I will keep in touch.  I will have to look into all of this and do my research as well as talk to my Dr's about my health concerns.  I hope all of you are having a great weekend and enjoy your evening.  Thanks again!
Some people have issues with lanolin in Vitamin D.  Look for a Vitamin D without lanolin.  You can get one that's made from fish oil or one that's completely vegan.  

Some gynecologists are willing to test for thyroid disorders, but many will only test TSH, which is actually a pituitary hormone, not a thyroid hormone and it's an indicator, at best and should never be used alone to diagnose a thyroid condition.  

Again, many doctors will diagnose Fibromyalgia in cases in which one has symptoms of Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism, but actual thyroid hormone levels haven't gone out of range yet.  One can have Hashimoto's for years and not know it.

The sooner you get see your doctor and get tested, the better, but again, many doctors offices are closed now because of the COVID-19.  
Hello, I have been experiencing some tingling, tickling, itching. I struggle w/depression, OCD, anxieties and mood swing disorders. And I too have fibromyalgia, I struggle with a lot of sensitivities, allergies and sinuses. Over the recent years I have also been suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and it appears that the growing process has slowed down. A doctor that I have went to see that specializes in ear, nose and throat told me that I have TMJ. I also get a lot of headaches, migraines, pain in my face, in the back of my head and neck. Tired, fatigue and sleepiness, muscle soreness and aches, pains. In my left shoulder-back area, legs and my feet can hurt. In the cold months I have noticed soreness and aches in my hands and my elbows sometimes. Heartburn, burping, tight hiccups and stomach upset that I have noticed recently I can sometimes feel a little sick. I have been taking naps or sleeping during the day but it is as if I cannot get enough sleep. The tingling, crawling, itching has been going on for maybe a couple of months. It feels like there is something crawling on me, my hands, my arms, my legs, my feet, my face and so on. It is very light and I honestly it feels like there is a bug or an ant on me. So I stop what I am doing and I am looking and checking the area. And I find nothing. Since the early part of '19. I wound up dealing with what my dermatologist told me was dermatitis. On the back of my hands it used to be worse but I changed my hand soap and I use an anti-itch cream. There are times when it seems to be non-existent but I never know when there will be another flare-up. As a result I suffer from itchy bumps until it runs its course. I am very fair skinned and my dermatologist strongly advised sunscreen. Which is alright w/me, the older I get the more sensitive I am to the sun for both my skin and my eyes, so for my eyes aside from the fact that I wear pres. glasses. I wear HD Vision Wrap Arounds w/ UVA/UVB protection. For the aches, pains, headaches, migraines, stomach problems I take med's that are O-T-C. Eyes drops that are both pres. and/or O-T-C. I never dreamed that my life would turn out to be this way. I didn't know that being in my 40's was going to be like this. I am sorry to have went on and on w/what I have been experiencing. I didn't intend to include everything in my post. I don't know if any of my symptoms is physical or psychological. Thank you for your time and take care. Have a blessed evening.
Hello again everyone, I posted my comment above this comment.  I composed my comment above in June of this year but did not get around to posting it here until tonight.  I have been meaning to log in to my account here since the last time that I was here.  Which was back in the spring of this year, I am truly sorry that it has taken me until now.  I haven't forgotten about the responses that I have received from all of you and I truly do appreciate your advice and your support, thank you.  I have yet to make any Dr. appointments because we are all under a deep, dark black, heavy veil called the Corona virus.  I really do hope and we should all pray endlessly to be released from this heresy.  I have been able to get out just like a lot of other people where I live without having to wear a mask.  I cannot stand wearing one, the adrenaline is pumping, I am out of breath, I feel like I am smothering, my body temperature is rising and I cannot breathe.  I am burning up and my glasses fog up, these are prescription glasses and they are necessary to wear.  I have counseling sessions with my counselor every two weeks or so but ever since the epidemic has taken over and changed everything.  My counselor has all sessions with all of her clients such as myself over the phone.  The last time that I got on the local bus to go to see my counselor was toward the end of February '20.  I have my yearly eye exam coming up in less than a month and it is very important but at the same time I am very anxious and nervous about it.  I don't know how it is going to go and I fear and dread that when I go that I will be given a mask to wear.  My counselor and my primary care physician have already written letters on my behalf so that I can be excused from jury duty.  Which I am so very grateful to them both because I was notified thru the mail that I have been excused from jury duty.  Because that would have been impossible for me to handle that and it had been a great worry.  But now I have come up for a Disability Update Report and it really does a number on me.  I receive Social Security and SSI and all of this is really taking a toll on me.  Worry, fear, nervousness, hopelessness, dread, misery and depression.  I can't lose my medical insurance and I cannot lose my income.  This is all that I have and I do not have anything else to fall back on.  I got approved because I have things wrong with mentally and emotionally.  And those reasons have not changed, I have answered the questions and I had to provide info. for when I have had Dr. appt's., counseling sessions and so on.  I have also included a list of all of my Doctors, counselor, a few times I have been to the emergency room along with their addresses and phone numbers.  I don't know what else that I can include, should I write down how I have been feeling not only psychologically but also physically too??  I am going to close this for now and just like before.  I thank you for your time and take good care.  Have a good night and a great Friday morning!  Be safe - Be well.
Welcome back... I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been able to see a doctor yet to get necessary testing.   I don't know how things are being done in other states, but I've been able to follow through with all my appointments (though some had to be postponed for a period of time), including a colonoscopy and surgeries to remove cataracts from both eyes.  Although COVID is very serious, I've felt safe in going through with necessary treatments because in my state, it's necessary to wear a mask at all doctor's appointments and in any medical facility.   Social distancing is also required.
Avoiding treatments often leads to things getting worse than they already are so doctors are actually encouraging everyone to seek necessary tests/treatments.

I'm glad you're able to continue sessions with your counselor, as it sounds like your anxiety might be causing some of your problems.  It's amazing what anxiety/depression can do to our entire body, (including skin, digestive issues, etc) without us even realizing what's causing our problems.  

You didn't mention whether you take any medication for your anxiety/depression.  Sometimes an anti-anxiety medication or antidepressant can help a lot.  
Hello Barb135, thank you so much and I'm sorry it has taken me until now to reply.  I have kept all of you in my thoughts with your kindness and thoughtfulness.  You and some others have taken the time to reach out to me.  I appreciate that a lot, I have a lot going on with social networks, e-mail accounts and other accounts.  Sometimes I think that I have bitten off more than I can chew.  I'm glad that I have created a life for myself online even though sometimes I am off the grid.  My want/need to-do list keeps on getting bigger and longer.  And once again it is Christmas time again, there is never enough time for anything.  I have my counseling sessions with my counselor over-the-phone still and I am really grateful that she is there for me.  But until things greatly improve with the pandemic I have decided to hold off on all Dr. appointments.  I cannot bear wearing a mask, it is physically intolerable.  Where I live there are a lot of people that can enter in to stores, restaurants and so on without a mask.  And no one is saying anything.  And it is getting harder and harder to get myself up and get ready to go anywhere especially for a medical appointment.  I really do appreciate what you have shared with me especially about the anxieties, thank you.  And I agree with you completely, anxiety can really take a toll on the human body.  I have been on the anti-depressant roller-coaster and I did not like what any of them did to me.  Nothing ever changed for the better and unfortunately all I ever experienced was the ill side-effects.  I do believe that anti-depressants can cause damage in the long term.  I am getting older and I do not like it, I don't like how I feel.  I want to be the way that I used to be, I really do miss me.  I had no idea that being in my 40's was going to do this to me.  I will not be taking any more anti-depressants ever again.  If they work for some people then that is alright but it does not work out for everyone.  I appreciate your concern and advice.  But all any of us can do is just take it one day at a time.  I really do hope that things will get better and improve for everyone worldwide.  Once again thank you and take good care.  Sleep well and have a great Tuesday m0rning.
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I agree with Barb that I'd get some blood work done and investigate if your thyroid is functioning properly.  When my thyroid was diagnosed as hypothyroid, I also had a low level of depression called dysthymia.  My thyroid improved without intervention although I did treat the depression.  But everyone has a unique path.  I would absolutely look into thyroid function as perhaps the root cause of your issues.  Then go from there.  Counseling and treating the mental health piece is important too so glad you are working on that.  I agree that medication for anxiety and depression (SSRI's or SNRI's ) can really impact a situation in a positive way.  Don't let anxiety of treatment get in the way of getting treatment.  
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Hello COMMUNITY LEADER, SpecialMom, I apologize for my late reply.  Thank you for your advice and insights on my situation.  I will have to wait for things to improve on our unfortunate pandemic that has taken a toll on all of us.  I cannot wear a mask because I have been thru it and my body temperature is rising, blood pressure is raising, I am feeling all of this heat and my glasses are fogging up.  I am pulling at my clothes and I am perspiring, I hardly go anywhere particularly now during the cold months.  Aside from my over-the-phone counseling sessions I am not dealing with anything that I have not dealt with before.  Medical appointments are just going to have to wait.  I have been suspicious about the hypothyroid for a long time but I am not familiar with dysthymia??  In my reply that I posted to "Barb135" I have laid it all out about taking anti-depressants and it is just not for me.  They never did sit right with me, not one of them and I suffered from the side effects.  There was no change for the better and at this stage of my life I cannot stand no more.  When the time is right hopefully in the new year then I will have to see about making some Dr. appts.  Thanks once again for reaching out to me and be well.
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I have a lot of the same issues. I would look into mold toxicity (you have to find the right functional medicine doc as most are not trained up on this). I would also look into getting your hormones tested as it sounds like it could be a hormonal imbalance. For me, I have the hormonal imbalance from the mold toxicity. Hope you find answers!
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Hello Kelly2727, I never thought about mold toxicity?  I would not know where to begin to look for the right kind of doctor that specializes in mold.  In the near future when I make an appt. with my gynecologist I will talk to her about getting my hormones tested.  An hormonal imbalance would not surprise me especially now.  I will be turning 47 before the end of this month.  I am sorry that you have suffered from one yourself due to mold, I hope that you sought medical treatment.  And are feeling better, thank you for your response and for the suggestions that you made too.  Have a good morning and take good care.
Hi Rapunzel43, I hope that you are doing well. Have you had any advancements in figuring out what may be going on?
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