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Why haven't I stopped bleeding after masturbation?

I am 15, so this is kinda embarrassing. However, I've been worried for almost a week now. I used my fingers for the first time, and now I started to bleed. It's not even an excessive amount, and there is no pain. The amount is enough to fill a liner. But it's consistent and won't go away, as it's bled like this for at least five days, still going. Because I also grew up in a more conservative and religious family, I'm much too scared to tell my mother or my doctor. What's happening?
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If it came from the masturbation (and not from your menstrual cycle), then it should stop. You might have irritated your cervix or torn your hymen. Since the bleeding is light, it sounds like if it is one of those two things it should calm down soon.
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Sure you didn't simultaneously get your period?  That could be the case.  Or you could have broken your hymen.  That can cause some bleeding too.  Or lastly, our cervix is very vascular meaning it has blood vessels on it.  If they get irritated or whatnot, you can bleed.  None of this is serious.  But if you are still bleeding and sure it isn't your period, you may need to ask someone for help (trusted adult).
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hey im sorry to ask but I had a question, if you would have broken your hymen or if something was wrong with your cervix does that heal  by itself or do you have to go to the docter with that?
Generally if someone breaks their hymen it heals by itself. If "something" is wrong with their cervix, it depends on what is wrong. If a person was to use an unlikely tool for masturbation (hairbrush handle or something), it could cause the cervix to bleed. That would heal by itself too. But if something more serious was wrong, maybe it would require a doctor to look at it.
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