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Why is my areola whitening and stinging

Hello! I have a problem and i don't know what to think about it from my research. I've been feeling a stinging sensation from my areola for a couple weeks already. It started soon after my period ended. I looked it up, thought it was something minor but the sensation kept coming back from time to time and tonight i noticed that i have a sensitive area on my areola that seems to be a lighter shade of pink (turning to white) compared to the rest of the areola. I'm a young female, I don't have kids, I'm not pregnant and I don't take birth control. Maybe it's just something silly but i had to ask.
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It could well be a blocked pore. Try taking a bath and keeping the breast under water, and massaging the area. You can also try either warm or cool compresses.
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If it gets sorer or turns red, or a line moves up from it that feels sore, I would definitely suspect a blocked or infected milk duct, and would go see the doc. Also, if you haven't, wash all your bras. They're kind of easy to overlook, and if you have been wearing one that has gotten sweaty or dirty, it could be the cause of sensitivity in the breast.
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