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Why is my labia dry

I’m 16 and sexually active but for the last couple months I’ve had vaginal dryness around the clit and in the labia but not really inside my vagina foreplay doesn’t help it tends to swell up after too much foreplay I’ve had STD checkup and I don’t have anything so I’m not sure what it could be
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I'm not sure what you mean by vaginal dryness around the clit and labia.  Is your vagina dry?  Or are you saying that your lubrication or wetness is not extending up to your clitoris and labia?  Not sure it is supposed to.  Are you saying you aren't as wet as you used to be?  Could you be less excited by the guy you are with? Perhaps artificial lubrication would help.  Swelling is from friction and this can happen when yes, we do not have enough lubrication.  Please make sure to use condoms to protect yourself!
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