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Why is the left side of my vagina swollen?

It’s been like this for almost a week and it is very painful. It kind of feels like a knot or something and when I put my finger in I think I can feel it too. I’m 17 years old and I’ve had sex before but am not “sexually active”. Going to the doctor is not really an option and any advice is welcome.
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It sounds like it could be a vaginal cyst.  Why is going to the doctor not an option?  This is a good time to see one.  :>)
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Any idea on way to get rid of it?
I agree with it may be a cyst. Doctor can aspirate it or it may go away on its own
It's not that uncommon
I’m still not sure what the lump was but now it’s gone down to almost nothing and I have pain if I push it really hard. I don’t think it was a bartholin cyst because I’d never popped. I had constant bleeding for a few days. I used every home remedy I could find and took some infection medicine. Now it’s just hard and kinda feels like when you pull or strain a muscle(idk if that’s possible)
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Possible Bartholin cyst. You have two tiny ducts that lubricate the vaginal entrance. One can become blocked and form a cyst. Sometimes they drain with sitz baths other times they can abcess. Try warm water soaks and if it swells or becomes painful see a physician.
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Sounds like a Bartholin Cyst. Warm compress and  sitz bath will help.
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