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Why isn't my period flowing like it should?

I'm stumped. I am technically "missing" my period right now but it's just taking its precious time.

For the last thirteen days or so (ugh), it's been teasing me with its arrival. It should've started officially six days ago. I've been cramping on and off this whole time.

For these thirteen days, I've had the lightest, lightest color showing whenever I'd wipe—so light you could barely tell it's there. At some point, I thought it was finally starting because it turned brown for a day, but then it stopped again. When I inspect deep inside, there's the tiniest traces of red blood hiding up in there. I have NO discharge.  

Last month, I lost eleven pounds on a super restrictive diet and I hear that can cause you to skip your period, but I don't feel like I'm skipping it…? I'm having a lot of my typical period symptoms, they're just mellower than usual.

I also did a DIY pregnancy test out of curiosity. I think I got a positive result, although, I don't think pregnancy does this. I could be wrong.

TL;DR: period isn't flowing out, like it's blocked by something.
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No worries, it was just a late period. An awful, horrible, no-good period. I think I'd rather be pregnant.
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Talk it over with your ob/gyn next month. You might have or have had an ovarian cyst, may as well rule it out.
Turns out I had stage 3 Endometriosis.
Well! So not just a late period. Does the doctor think a surgical option is called for? I used to have an IVF doctor who was super good with endometriosis; could find it (doing a laparoscopy) when other doctors missed it.
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Once I had what turned out to be a cyst in my ovary, and when diagnosing it, my doctor asked, "Was your last period weird?" and it was.  Any time someone has a weird period, I would first suggest they get an ultrasound to see if they have an ovarian cyst or something else going on in the ovary. Do you think you'd be able to get in to see a doctor or is everything overwhelmed where you are?
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I'm going to see a Gyno next month. I scheduled the appointment back in December, so it's frustrating that the wait has to be so long. My uterus is so freaking wonky.

I got an ultrasound at the ER a couple years ago and they insisted there were no cysts but in hindisght, it was a pretty terrible hospital.
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