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Worried. Scared. Confused. Angry. Help, Please.

On the 24 of July, 3015, my partner and I engaged in unprotected anal sex. His ejaculate may have leaked onto my labia, but I quickly cleaned afterward. Now, my periods are irregular, and the avg. is forty days. My last period was from July 8 to July 13. My period was due August 17, so that makes it a day late. My last period was horrible, the most painful I've ever had, but it was a day late too. I'm aware there are some things that can be delaying my period, such as stress. I've recently started participating in very hardcore exercise daily, out of nowhere. Also, I've been waking up earlier and going to sleep earlier. Could these things delay my period? My discharge is off white, crumbly, thick&creamy some days and completely clear and egg whiteish another. Also, my previous phone broke so I had to update my period calendar and I might've gotten some wrong. Maybe I charted wrong? Idk, Please tell me the chances of pregnancy from anal and if it sounds like I'm pregnant.

Notes : I had NO PMS symptoms a week before my period was due. I got sore breasts the day before it was due and I have slight cramping, and I am peeing a bit. Maybe I am psyching myself out?? Thank you so much

PS, my partner and I have both been cleared for STDs (:
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I honestly would be shocked if you were pregnant after anal sex. Most likely the late period is due to stress and the changes to your habits that you mentioned. Try to relax and wait for your period to show. If you're still late after a week or so, take a trip to the doctor to see what he/she recommends.
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While it IS possible to get pregnant from unprotected anal sex, the chances are pretty slim, even if some of the semen made its way to your vagina.

Have you done several home pregnancy tests? I say "several" because just one may have been done before the hormonal changes from pregnancy were not present. I would recommend you take 2 more tests at least a week apart. Since your periods have become irregular, you may not be ovulating at the normal times.

I would actually rather see you go to your doctor as your discharge does not sound normal and you may have an infection, plus the fact your periods have become irregular. It sounds like something is going on, I don't know if it's pregnancy, an infection or just one of those changes we all go through, but I think you should let a doctor make that diagnosis.

If you don't have insurance and cannot afford a doctor, Planned Parenthood will help you.
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