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Would I bleed the next time I have sex?

I was a late virgin until 3 weeks ago when Ilost my virginity to a  friend of mine. We known each other for 4 yrs btu we we were never a couple or bf/gf or dating for that matter. He consider me a friend so I  consider him the same.

So three weeks ago I lost my virginity to him Im in my mid 40´s. I did bleed when we had sex and the guy was surprised I did, maybe he did nto expect a woman my age will bleed on her first time. I also tensed and tight my hips/thighs when we were on the missionary position so for him it was a bit hard to penetrate me for several times and I felt uncomfortable. We did it without protection though and I was a bit concerned also if he could had knocked me out at my late age. But I heard at 47 the chances of getting pregnant naturally are a little low, still I can get pregnant though. But I doubt I am pregnant 3 weeks after sex,  as this week my period return. I also have irregular periods.

I have to say maybe I was not aroused much and I did nto have much foreplay I dont know if that had to do with  me bleeding as I was not lubricated enough.

I want to know if I will bleed the next time if I have sex wth him again. I mean my hymen was already torn anway but I want to feel more relaxed the next time and I dotn want to bleed or feel uncomfortable or that it hurt a little when he penetrates me, he wotn expect me to bleed one more time, he could think the second time I should not bleed.

So will I bleed the next time and how can I be more relaxed so I wont feel any pain next time or at least little pain.

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Hello and welcome.  Well, I'm not sure if you will bleed again but probably not much if you do at all.  Most women bleed one time with a broken hymen.  Foreplay is essential for natural lubrication.  And then there is artificial lubrication that can greatly help. Astroglide or KY jelly.  Get some to be prepared.  No big deal.  And just try to relax and not 'think' too much.  Pregnancy at 47 would be doubtful.  But I guess use protection if you are going to have unprotected sex. Remember, condoms protect against std's as well!  good luck
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