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Yellow discharge, kind of like mucous?

I was recently seen by a gyno who said I might have PID or endometriosis. They prescribed me an antibiotic and since then I've noticed I've had a yellow discharge. It smells kind of musky and salty. I've been tested for STDs and came back negative (got tested within the past few days just in case) and I'm not sure what the cause is. I've had BV before but this doesn't feel like BV or yeast. What could it be? Please help.
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So, PID OR endometriosis.  Hm. Their only response to not knowing which was to prescribe antibiotics?  How long have you been taking the antibiotic?  Yeast is common after taking an antibiotic but it sounds like you've had this before.  The hallmark is really itching.  Discharge can vary. And the hallmark of BV is an odor that is foul.  Discharge is usually thin and greyish.  Since you are taking an antibiotic, it's job is to kill bacteria.  It will kill bad bacteria which is the thing you want but also kills good bacteria, not so good for you but worth it to get rid of the bad.  However, this throws off your PH balance in your vagina.  This can change up your discharge.  Have your other symptoms of PID gone away? To me, it sounds like a side effect or aftermath of the antibiotic but track symptoms and call the doctor if anything changes.  
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