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a sore of some sort?

okay, so i'm... 14. And... I got this sore thing... think it's a sore. I saw it, it's on the inside of my vagina. It's red and think crater like. It's white on the inside. It really burns when i take a pee. I just got over a bad cold. And i know it's not std, because i'm 14. Why the hell would i have sex at this age? And i did have a shower yesterday, however water doesn't seem to affect it. Only when i move around and pee does it really hurt.

So. I need help. What do you think it is?
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Its a sis of some sort. I had the same thing when I was 16 and a virgen. I was also paranoid and confused because I did not have no type of sexual contact down there. Just make sure to keep it clean after using the restroom. And rub alcohol with a cottonball. It should go away soon. <3
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Hi Kitty, look its not up to to what you've been doing or why, but if I was you I would get to your doctor and let him/her look at it, if you did have sex with out your guy useing a condom, then that was your choice, even at 14, but from what your saying it looks like it could be genatal worts, so dont just sit there please get it checked.
Good Luck
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Well it could be some type of cold sore that has probably grown. Have you been wearing anything dirty on your body thats close to that area? Have you been currently sweating that you didnt bathe the same tyme around? Just need to stay very clean and it should go away.
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great! Thanks! Now i'm not scared~
Well, now i'm scared of the pain because i hate pain....
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