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I having ablation to remove fibroids. How long is the recovery time. I work at a factory and I lift heavy mold that wiegh about 60 pounds and work around lead. Should I worry about going back to work to soon.
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An ablation to remove fibroids?   Do you mean the hot-water treatment that removes the uterine lining?  (You do know, don't you, that you should never try to have kids after getting this?)  It seems an unusual way to try to get rid of fibroids, but maybe it's done, I'm not a doctor.

Anyway, tell your doctor about lifting the heavy mold that weighs 60 lbs. and ask about recovery times.
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I was told that they are going use the laser to remove  the fibroids. My husband had a vasectomy over 25 years, so I can't get pregnant. I told the doctor when she explained about the surgery and she said it won't be a problem but the lady at the surgery desk said I would be able to go back to work after one day.
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Laser is different than ablation.  Sorry, I didn't understand your question.  Probably what you're having wouldn't affect fertility, though obviously that is a moot issue anyway.  :)  Glad you got a good answer to your question from the doctor.
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The doctor said that she would use a laser to remove the fibroids then burn it to seal it. She also said about not bieng able to have kids after the ablation is done
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Well, do be certain on that one.  A husband with a vasectomy is a good reason.  Being over 45 is also a good reason.  But if you ever think you might want to have a(nother) baby should your husband reverse his vasectomy or, God forbid, your husband pass away or you get a divorce and find your soul mate and want to give him a child, please think hard at this point about the ablation part.  So many women write onto this site in deep desperation because they had an ablation and things changed later and now they want a baby, and they would risk their lives if they tried.  If it's possible that you could do the fibroids without the ablation, and if you're still open to having a child if things were to change greatly in your life, I might consider not having the ablation part just against the chance of the unknown making your life different.
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