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after period discharge

I feel like an idiot asking this question, I am old enough to know better.
But, I had sex about 20 days ago with a new partner, we discussed it and talked about diseases and each others history, of course people can lie, but the fact that we did it I would think mean something.
Four days later I started my period, normal. I am on BC, YAZ generic and we did use protection. My period lasted a while as it has a way of not being an exact number of days. I went on vacation and was still bleeding. Then it began to wind down per usual. I was using a tampon for most of the time but would switch out to a pad. I was wearing a bathing suit a lot of the time. Now the period is ended but I have a light red discharge its lightish maybe with a bit of brown and there is only a little. ?? Of course all sorts of things are going through my head. STDS? I read up on vaginosis, chlymidia and gonorhhea and none of that seems to match BUT like they say everyone is different. There was a slight odor but nothing abnormal and I started dinking cranberry juice and then took a 1 day yeast infection cream just in case.
Any ideas? Anyone had any symptoms like that?
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hey i know what ur going through. i had someone i knew that had that problem it could be another infection or just old minstrial blood trapped and was being released. i hope i helped in some way. call ur dr if it gets worse.
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Thanks that did help. I plan on calling the DR on Monday and just making an appointment. I can freak myself out when it comes to this stuff. Its a wonder I ever decided to have sex EVER at all as phobic as I am.

Actually like I had said I used the MONISTAT Wednesday night. Of course all day remnants of that were happening but NOW all of a sudden I wake up and NOTHING, gone no discharge no weirdness nothing. I also realized I was 2 days behind on my pill.  So I caught up per the directions.  So far this morning, nothing, no discharge. So maybe it was a yeast infection?
I still plan on seeing a DR to be sure.

Thanks for your comment. It is nice to hear from someone and not be maniac all my self.
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