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controlling stress

Hello, so my husband and I have been ttc for a few months. I seem to stay stress free for the first few weeks of my cycle but when it comes time for my period or I should say a few days prior I start really stressing. Worrying if it will come or not. The most noticeable symptom is its screwing with my cycles. First month trying I was 4 days late, next month 2 days early, and now I'm very lightly spotting a day before I'm supposed to start which in 12 years has never happened. I guess I'm just looking for advice on managing the stress of the anticipation? I try and stay busy and distracted but its just not working. I feel like I'm going crazy!
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Hi there and welcome.  Oh, I remember that well.  I remember being worried and then my sister said that being worried could get in the way of getting pregnant and then I'd worry about THAT.  It can be a rough time!!  Who knew trying to have a baby was such a roller coaster!

One of the ways I overcame it was to read up on statistics.  Only 5 percent of women never conceive a child when they are trying.  Sure, some have to have some help from a fertility specialist but it is a small percentage who aren't ever able to have a baby.  This gave me some comfort and helped me relax.  Knowing that it most likely would happen eventually made me feel better.  

Then, I tried to have fun with it.  I mean, my poor husband when it was 'time' for us to conceive!  He probably felt like a stud dog.  Phone calls "get home!   NOW!"  and he'd come in the door to me pacing saying "it's time, it's time!"  Not exactly sexy.  So, we started to try to have fun with the whole process.  We'd have dates and just tried to keep in the spirit of it not feeling so much like 'work'.  

I tried to keep busy during that fun time (right after you ovulate before your period when you 'could be' pregnant).  I scheduled things and kept active and busy and it helped me not dwell on it.  

Make sure you exercise regularly and you eat well/take a good mutli vitamin.  Keep a journal and write your thoughts in there and when you close the journal and put it away, visualize putting your stress away too.  It goes in the drawer with the journal . . .  it doesn't own you.  You have to picture it as something you can control and contain.  And then you can.  

wishing you much success and remember, only 5 percent can't conceive in some way.  So, you'll have your baby, don't you worry!  peace
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Thank you so much that was so great to read! I love the journal idea! And I will work on it this month! Thank you again!
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