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cramps without period

I am experiencing period like cramps for the past few days and i am not due to have my period untill next week (11th jan) my last period finished on the 19th dec.  I was on 5 day course of antibiotics which ended on the 20th dec.  I am on the pill.  I had unprotected sex on the 26 and 28 of dec. I am aware that antibiotics affect the pill and that extra protection must be made for 7 days after stoping antibiotics but i had sex 6 days afterwards and i wasnt protected my a condom.  I have looked at other websites that tell me that period like cramps are an early sign of pregnancy and i am quite worried as i have never experienced period like cramps without a period before.  I doubt my period will come (if it does) untill i am due next week because my periods are always regular.  I do not have anyother symptoms.  I really need someones help as i have tried other forums with no luck and i would be very very greatful if someone could help me and let me know if this cramping is normal or if i could be pregnant.  Please some one help me as i am quite worried
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i also had cramping while on ortho tri cyclin and i was switched to triaphasil and have had no problems.Ortho tends to be too high for some women
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I was suppose to start my period last sun the 23rd, but it hasn't came... well Im also on birth control and has been over a month... n I had unprotected sex on that sat the 22nd... So I'm confused right cuz I feel like Im about to start and nothing is "flowing" yet....  ne help?
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I've gone to the doctor for cramping without a period and u are ovulating for sure. It can be very painful at times. Take some ibprofen or asprin it will help.
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I had my period on the 12th for about 5 days... ive been cramping on and off since then... Iusually cramp before and on my period but never after.... could I be pregnant or am i just ovulating?

Any Help?
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Did you know that antibiotics mess with birth control pills?  Your doctor should've told you. If you're on the pill and take antibiotics you can get pregnant because the antibiotic kinda makes the pill less effective if at all ... so if i were you I'd take EPT.  
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Hey Girls.

I thought I'd let you know my story. I've been suffering from the same cramps as mentionned above for around two weeks now. Feeling as though I'm about to come on my period but with no signs whatsoever.
I've been further confused as last month i had to come off my pill (micrognon 30) as i had run out of pills and came on my period a couple of days later. However, I didn't note down this date and can't work it out for the life of me. I am pretty sure that my period is late, but my partner does not agree. I've searched across a couple of websites to find out when is the best time i should take my test as i don't know whether i am late and it states that i should wait 19 days after unprotected sex. Im not sure exactly of the dates when i had unprotected sex but i think i am a few days shy of 19. However, with the cramps and my belief that my period is late (i've also 'just had that feeling' you know, when you think you know) i have decided to take the test tonight.
If the test comes up negative, i'll wait another seven days or so before i take another (if i can wait that long).

I'll let you know the results. Keep well girls :)
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