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delayed for 9 months

I've been having my menstrual delay for almost 9 months already , i went to the doctor but she wants me to under go an ultrasound that needs to inject something inside me (idk how they call it ) to know what is really happening. I didnt follow her instruction thus i am afraid. These days i've been experiencing excessive discharge of white blood that had a foul odor. I dont know if this has to do with the 9months delay or what. I  just want an advice i hope you can help me. Thanks
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Hi there.  Well, it sounds like the doctor was going to run a test to see why it is delayed and what the issue was.  I'd go back and have the vaginal ultrasound done and any other tests the doctor wants to perform.  That is the best advice.  good luck
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Hi thanks for taking time to answer but its just that em aftaid. Idk but em afraid :(
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