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forgotten tampon

ok so i recently found a tampon in me that had been there about 6 days roughly. I have been feeling really crappy the last couple of days. I have a headache that wont go away, i am quit sweaty and im itchy on my palms of the hand and on the bottom of my feet. I dont know if this information matters but since tuesday i had been through pink eye and wisdom teeth surgery. any input would be great. Thanks
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Is the tampon still inside of you? Have you thrown up or had a fever of any sort? Did you have your surgery while the tampon was still inside of you? I would definitely call my doctor (both dentist and family doctor) and see what is going on. It could be a reaction to the surgery, of maybe toxic shock syndrome.
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Hello there,

I just finished reading your comments. It is extremely dangerous to leave a
tampon in your body for 1 day let alone 6 days. If you wear tampons, buy
a tampon that having a string that hangs outside of your body to remind
you that you have a tampon inside you.  By having a tampon inside you
for anywhere to 6 -8 hours, too much time by the way, you can get something that begins with the word " toxic". You should read the information
paper that comes with the tampon warning about this. I can't recall the
name right now , but it's extremely dangerous. If you don't feel better soon,
I would see your family doctor and tell her or him that you found a tampon
inside of you that had been there for 6 days, plus the wisdom teeth surgery
and the pink eye, and the headache you can't seem to get rid of.
Good luck, iamjustcurious.  Eve :)
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