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I am still a virgin. I have been fingered and had oral sex performed on me before, though, but with no problems. This weekend I allowed a boy to finger me, nothing was unusual or painful. The next day I started my period and when I tried to put a tampon in, I couldn't. It was like something was blocking my vagina. I could only get the very tip of the tampon in before it was too painful to persist. I wore a pad instead, and tried later only to have the same thing happen. I've now been on my period for two days and still cannot put in a tampon. My vagina is noticeably swollen (just the actual vagina, not the lips or anything), and while not exceptionally painful it is very uncomfortable and seems to be getting worse.
Whats wrong?
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you need to get this checked
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He could have been to rough, or had unclean hands and a substance on his fingers is causing an allergic reaction inside of your vagina. You should get to your doctor right away to be sure it is nothing extremely serious or permanent.
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