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i am trying to figure out when i may have conceived.

I had sex on 4 different occasions. Aug 26th (protected) on Aug 30th (unprotected) and twice on Sep13th (protected). My doctor said my conception date is the15th of September. Did i conceive on Sep 13th or before that?
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Hi, when you had your ultrasound on November 5, what estimated due date did they give you? It can be less confusing to count back from that than to try to work from a GA ("weeks pregnant" count).
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hello, my due date is set for June 7,2020.
It sounds like the guy from September 13 is the dad, then, whether or not you used condoms. If there was some skin-to-skin contact, it can certainly happen condom or not, especially if you had sex two times in short order. (He could well have had sperm in his urethra that rode in on pre-ejaculatory fluid.)

Is what is bothering you that the weeks count implies you had a period that would have begun around the first of September? (I assume you know the count of "weeks pregnant" doesn't use the conception date as a starting point, but uses instead the first day of the woman's last period, or a calculated first day based on the size of the baby if the woman's cycles are irregular?)  Try not to let it throw off your understanding of the situation. Back in the day (grandma's day, now), the only thing doctors had to start a pregnancy count with was when the woman had a period last time before they stopped with the pregnancy. Though we use ultrasounds now, the medical profession hasn't stopped using a count that begins on the first day of the last period, which makes pregnancy (266 days from conception to full-term birth) into a 280-day time period. They start on the first day of the woman's last period even though they know she wasn't pregnant yet. By this count, she would have a period, and then two weeks later would ovulate and conceive. They add two weeks at the front to move the start date of the "weeks" back to the last period.

If you put your due date into a conception calculator or just count back manually 266 days, it does come up with September 15 for the conception date. I don't see this as being anywhere near enough to the August date to implicate the earlier sex. Plan to get a DNA test when the baby comes, but there just doesn't look like a question here. Your ultrasound was early enough in the pregnancy that even if it was off by a couple of days, Mr. August 30's sperm would have all been dead by September 15. (Sperm in your body is said to be viable possibly 4-6 days at best.) Go through the pregnancy on the assumption that Mr. September 13 is the dad, and test when the baby is born, and then forget it. There is really very little reason to even test, except for your peace of mind, and probably for Mr. September 13th sake as well.
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Oh my, I need to put my thinking cap on for this. The issue of knowing exactly when you conceived is that conceiving is a best guess.  Rarely can you know exactly when.  Sperm lives for up to a week further complicating matters.  Did you have sex after September 15?  Or are the four times you mention the only times you have had intercourse?
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hey, I also had sex on the 24th of September which was unprotected but wouldn’t i have a later date. I had a scan done on Tue Nov 5th and I was told that I was 9 weeks 2days.
when i used the pregnancy calculator apps i have on my phone, it’s been telling me i conceived on the 15th Sep. I am so lost with this, especially because my last period was in July and because i had protected sex even though using a condom isn’t 100 percent.
It's all an estimate, but your scan on Nov. 5 @ 9 weeks/2 days would put you at an estimated conception date of Sept. 1. Conception dates are often based on the first date of your last period, which if there was some irregularity the provider may have used an estimate to get to Sept. 15.
Thanks  for your response. I am just a bit conflicted because     I think my doctor is basing it off as if I had regular periods and he says that it is just an estimate and just like you when I count back from where I am now in the pregnancy it gives me a totally different conception date.
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