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i have a cyst in the pubic area

i have this cyst..well i think its a cyst (i dont think it could be a STI cos im a virgin, its a white'ish bump under the skin between my bum hole n vigina, and it was smaller, but suddenly its got bigger, its really sour n hurts when i walk, n i dono if its guna go down again or get any bigger, but i'd be really embarressed about going to my doctor, hav any idea what it could be and what i could do?
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Could be an ingown hair, or any number of things. Please don't be embarrassed to see your doctor. They see WAY stranger things everyday and won't think a thing about it. As for the pain, try a hot compress such as a wash cloth soaked with hot water. This may help with the pain and also may encourage it to drain which will also help with the pain. IF it does drain, put an antibiotic cream on it (ONLY EXTERNALLY) such as neosporin, where a panty liner in case it continues to drain a little and wear white cotton undies which will keep everything airy and dry. Also, I ONLY use white bathroom tissue. he colored ones have been proven to cause women ittitations.
Good Luck I hope this helps and I do hope you will see your doctor soon.
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i agree with the above poster, I myself got a slightly large bump from shaving in that area that turned out to be just an ingrown hair.  I have alot of body acne too, which can sometimes contribute to wierd bumps in wierd areas.  Does that help?
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Its all pretty much said here, but i just typed this out for Katsneow above so I will copy and paste it here:

It could be a deep boil, which are not fun, I know. If so, try hot compresses (hot washcloth on area til cool, repeat, then again) twice a day. That will "loosen it up" and gross as it sounds it should drain itself. You have to be pretty carefull with boils near lymphnodes (such as arms and groin) because the infection (pus) can quickly get into your bloodstream. If you can pop it in one try, do. If not leave it to pop on its own. It could be an ingrown hair, also painful. I would say same procedure as above. If you can see the ingrown hair you could try to tweeze it out. (edit: dont try to look too hard, your break your neck, lol) If you open the area, clean it well with peroxide or *ouch* rubbing alcohol. If it persists, see your doc. They might have to drain it. Sorry if this is gross, but as a nurse I see stuff like this every day.
I have this issue right now (infected hair that has grown to a cyst). I soaked in a warm epsom salt bath this afternoon and it has busted on its on. I am currently just keeping the spot clean, dry, and I put ointment on it. I had my husband look at it seeing as I cant see it, and he said it has a very small hole where is busted. It is still extremely tender, is this normal?
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I have the same problem only it is recurring. I get them either in my pubic hair region or on my underarms. It seems like i get at least 4-6 a year. I am a 21 year old male, and all my sexual partners have been clean, if that helps. Someone please help me they are very painful, popping them hurts really bad and leaving them hurts really bad.
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hi, i am a virgin and i have these reoccurring bumps on my pubic area. i get 2 to 4 at a time every 6 or 7 months. i AM a virgin and i don't plan on changing that. they feel shiny when i tried to pop them and they hurt to the touch. i'm afraid to talk to my mom about it because she will worry, what do i do? what are they? are they common? will i have them for ever? it is an allergic reaction? do i need to take medicine? thank you for your help!
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I need help! I have this lump on the right side of my...labia, i guess. i'm overweight so its more like on the top right side of it. it started out just a little circle maybe like the size of a pencil eraser and it was a dark purple, almost black color and just a little hard. i let it go thinking it was an ingrown hair or something and would go away because i've had things that looked like this before. when i let it go, it got bigger over the past 3-4 weeks. its still a dark purple color, its about dime size now and sticking up off my skin prolly about a centimeter or two. it started getting really sore to the touch and it felt hard still but the skin over it felt thin as though it was going to burst any second. then tonight, i was downstairs with my family just watching TV, when i went upstairs to go to the bathroom i noticed that it had burst. not like wide open and a gaping hole. but like a little hole the size of a needle or a tad bigger and it was bleeding. i cleaned it out with rubbing alcohol and i have a hot compress on it right now as i type this. i have been keeping it clean with rubbing alcohol and everything because i do have hair there. im a little freaked at the thought of taking a razor there. lol i am also a virgin and havent done anything sexual. i'm terrified of doctors and needles and surgery and stuff and very insecure and get embarrassed easily. thats why i came here to see if anyone could help me out without having to go to a doctor!!! any suggestions?!?!?!?!
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