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irregular menstrual cycle

My wife has been experiencing irregular menstrual cycle for the last 06 months. She is 34 year old.
After having checked with doctor and subsequent test, she found thyroid problem.

She started taking medicines as per dr prescription for the last 5 days.

She was expecting her periods on Dec 20 this time but she started light spoting from Jan 03. After 03  - 04 days she started heavy bleeding with medium size blood clots.

I am worried and seek advise.

Thanks & Regards.
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May be. But the problem is that her periods have been continuing for the last 10 days with heavy bleeding for the last 04 days. Is this due to the medicines she recently started taking for thyroid treatment or else?

What is the best advise for getting her periods stopped.

please advise.

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It could just be her body resetting itself.  In my own experience the blood clots are normal provided she is passing them.  I've always had blood clots, it's just how the uterus reacts when releasing.  Of course, if your truely concerned, call her Dr
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