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is MRKH girl INTERSEX ???


is MRKH girl is not girl...
her body is like a girl..
she might not have vagina,
is she not normal girl...
is she intersex..
but intersex  means, that she is not girl...
but she is 100 % girl...

what is science behind it.
please helpp me

thank you
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We are girls, we just have to create what other girls have!
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Absolutely.  It has taken me years to come to terms with my "woman ness" !!!
You are a girl.
You are NOT defined by your vagina or what may or may not pass through it.
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"Girl" or "intersex" are just labels that the society create. Fun facts: Each individual human being has 999,999,999,999++ characteristics that describe them as a person. Human genome has millions of codes that are yet to be studied by the scientist, who knows how many millions of these genes play a part in a person's sex and gender... but, wait a minute, we only have at most 999 English words that we can use to describe sex and gender! So, go figure. The 999 or whatever English labels will not be able to describe every single person perfectly.

So, the moral of the story is, take these English word labels as a grain of salt. YOU, and no one else, know who you are best: your body, your neuron wiring and and thoughts, your hormones and chemicals that fluctuate through your body every single second of your life. So, it's only YOU who can describe yourself. No one can speak for anyone else, because everyone has different unique genes, bodies, and feeling experiences. As a scientific researcher, it's the job of science (aka, the STUDY of nature and systems), as well as the linguist's job (aka, those people who invent and update English words), to catch up with who we are as a real living person, not the other way around. Because scientific study about sex and gender is still very limited compared with the other fields, we just have to stay true to ourselves and don't ever feel invalidated just because science, the linguistics, and the society are still uneducated about the subject of human bodies.
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