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is it safe? prenatal vitamins.

just had a anencephaly baby qirl. born 10-16-11 & passed 10-18-11. isaw in myself ineed TONS AND TONS of folic acid. ihave two prenatal vitamins and my question is, is it safe to take both? i miqht be preqnant aqain:/ iknow iwas supposed to wait 6 weeks, but we were in the moment and lustinqq. one vitamin is citranatal and the other is a qeneric prenaville vitamin pill. please help me. iknow if ihave one anencephalic baby, ican have another ): help! iknow ibrouqht this on myself but idknoe how i'd be with if ilost another baby):!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. My friend had a bad folic acid deficiency (to the point where it completely stopped her from being fertile) and her doctor had her taking a pill that contained only folic acid. Prenatal vitamins can have TONS of other minerals and vitamins in them and it is possible to overdose on a couple of them. So talk to your doctor ASAP (because folic acid is needed in the first trimester) before trying to take double the amount of a vitamin. That being said, even if you aren't pregnant, you may need to take a daily vitamin for your own health.
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that is a question for your doctor.  Please contact him/her to see what they suggest.
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