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last menstrual period

So I had my last menstrual period on the 2 of Nov. I haven't gotten my menstrual period for the pas 2 months I did 2 pregnancy test and both came out negative wht should I do???
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Hi there. Well, that is a pretty darn long time to go without a period.  I actually had some very long cycles like that for a period of a little over a year (period every 3 months) due to a slow thyroid.  Have you had anything like subtle weight gain, dry skin, melasma (dark spots appearing on the face), little bit of depression????   all of these are symptoms I had, I'm sad to say.  This was several years ago and it did self correct for me.

At this point, I'd go to your doctor, take a blood pregnancy test and talk to him about why you are this late.  That's what I would definately do.  good luck
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Thnks a lot but ya I've been with lots of stress at home at wrk ..due to tht I was taking stress pills do u thnk tht has to do something with me having a late menstrual period???
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