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lighter period than normal

For the last 2 months my periods have been less horrible than usual. The cramps aren't so bad anymore, even though I can feel their presence, they're not as tormenting as they usuallly were. I'm on my fifth day and I'm still bleeding however the blood comes out in lighter color and there aren't that many blood clots. The changes are quite subtle but they still concern me a bit. I've been going through something emotionally stressful lately so could that be the cause? Or is there some underlying illness I should look out for?
I'm 19 btw.
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This sounds like nothing to worry about and a blessing in disguise.  (as it is getting less painful and lighter).  Periods will change over time.  My period today is MUCH different than it was in my teens, my 20's, and so on.  Our hormones change and things just may look different.  You're having a period and not just spotting, so all is good.  good luck
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I feel like I'm bleeding less as well. Is that normal?
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