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looking for advice, no hate please:(

about 2 weeks ago i started masturbating a lot and feeling turned on. my vagina also started pulsing. i’m not sexually active. i’ve never done it before until now. i haven’t done it hard or anything. when i went to the toilet and i wipe there has been some brown discharge and blood, both smaller than a 1p. why is this? (this was more than a week before i was due on). i was due on my period on tuesday 9th june and i haven’t come on. can masturbating affect periods and should i be worried?

in september 2019 me and a boy got a bit carried away. we started kissing and then we put a hand down each others trousers however he didn’t touch me and i didn’t touch him. (i’m not on any contraception what so ever and we agreed not to ever do it again) in november i was 5 days late for my period but ever since then all my periods have been on time until now where i’m currently 4 days late. is this because of masturbating or just a change in cycle?
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No need to worry it's normal not related with masturbation okay ...
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If you are a teenager, it's very common to have your cycles be different lengths. The "average" is 28 days from period to period, but a lot of women have shorter menstrual months than that, or longer. Don't worry, it will settle down in your 20s. And it has nothing to do with masturbating or touching each other.
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