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lump on jaw bone

Hi i have found a small lump on the left side of my jaw bone i can feel in when i touch the external side but i can not feel it on the inside of my mouth, should i be concerned?  it is sore to touch.

Your advice would be very grateful as i am a mother of a small newborn and dont want to go to the doc unless it is necessary.

Thanks Molly
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i think whenever you find a lump its in need of checking out. you say there is discomfort, id have it seen. sure maybe its nothing , but you are a mom now and you have to have good health to do that right?
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I know "lump on jaw bone," was posted along time ago but I am experencing the same symptoms now and I was wondering if you went to the doctor about it what did they say.  I don't want to go to the doctor unless I have to.  Will you please email me and let me know.  My email is crobin_02***@****.  Thank you and I hope all is well!
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I've got the same thing. Been to hospital today to see a consultant and being told I need an MRI Scan and Biopsy even though I've had an ultrasound. The lump is 1.3cm wide and doesn't move on my jaw. I read the ultrasound results and the lump is close to my artery (not sure if that's how you spell it) and that its not attached to my jaw bone. I'm getting a bit worried now and I hope its nothing serious. Has anyone else had the same?
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im 12 and i have a lump on my left jaw side but not on my right can yall tell me if i need to get it checked or what i want to try in hold off but if its serious then i needa go
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It could just be a cavity lump. I had one before, and they extracted a tooth.
That's true, people get abscesses such as you describe.  That needs to be evaluated sooner rather than later.  Thanks for posting.
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