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morning after pill,late period, brown discharge,symptoms

Hi there Please someone help me.
I have a regular 23 day cycle. I'am 25 years old and currently 95Kgs. (18 Days Late for my period)
On the 1st of January 2014 i had unprotected sex (and not again since then) were he ejaculated inside of me which he was NOT meant to do so the next day i went and got the morning after pill (Norlevo 2 tablets but single intake) which was +- 28 hours later no vomiting or diarrhea. on the 14th i had brown maybe clear mixed discharge but very little next day i had the same just a bit more not enough to cover a tampon with a bit of dark red blood no clots the next day had very little of the discharge mix and it ended that day which i took as my period 14th to 16th is the time my period should have started and ended my next period was due for the 6th of February but still nothing in between all this. The only time i started to stress was when i missed my period by 3 days but now i'm have come to terms with if i'm pregnant (don't believe in abortion)
Test dates are:
18 Jan done with first morning pee neg
25 Jan first morning pee neg
16th of Feb i think (test was done at night reason for the next day test) neg
17th of Feb last one was clear blue and first morning pee
I have been having some symptoms of pregnancy:
*Tender breast\nipples: which comes and goes and boobs are swollen  
*lower back pain: come and goes but i have it alot
* nausea: but no vomiting yet i have come close about 2 or 3 time
*headaches: i have been having a dull headache almost all the time now but to scared to take meds
*urination: some times i go a lot but very recently i have been going a but more then normal
* Tiredness and fatigue: i have been feeling like i can't get through the day feeling exhausted and very low energy levels but i have not been sleeping more due to insomnia
*white\milky and clear creamy and sticky discharge no smell or irritations (which is increasing as time goes by) not like ovulation
*Bloated: i'am finding it a bit hard to get in to my jeans now  and clothing is getting tighter
* The veins on my breast are standing out a lot more and are dark blue some time i can see them just under the skin
*Temperature: seem's to be a bit higher from +-36.5 degrees to 37.5 degrees
*abdominal pain: some times feels like i might start my period but nothing ( 18 days late)
P.S after taking morning after pill i read up that it dose not work for woman over weight (80kgs and more) :(

sorry for the long message just trying to make sure all info is here
please tell me what are the chances of me being pregnant and if not what could be going on
Thank you for all your help in advanced
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If you have taken various  pregnancy tests and they are all negative then you're not pregnant.

Did the pharmacist advise you of the side effects of taking the morning after pill? It can really mess with your cycles and cause missing/late periods, irregular bleeding etc. All the symtpoms you describe above don't necessarily have to pregnancy symptoms - they can be just simply PMS or a virus or anything.

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Hey carly thank you for your time. I have been to two different nurse and they said that it should not mess around with my second period but if I don't get my third period I should go to my doctor and get blood test done I'm just hope it dose not come to that. My sister in law only got a positive at 12 weeks pregnant so that's why I'm a bit worried. I will try go to a doctor soon and will keep every one updated. Once again thank you so much for every thing
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The nurse you saw didn't know what she was talking about. Morning after pill has a mega dose of hormones, which of course is going to impact your period. The discharge/spotting you had after taking the pill was not your period.  It was just random spotting caused by having taken the pill (which happens also from time to time to women who are on the regular pill that they take every day).  Now you've missed your next period, which is totally normal for people who have taken it and there's nothing unusual or concerning about anything that has happened.  You're not pregnant because you took the morning after pill the day after you had sex and that was within the necessary time window for it to be effective in preventing pregnancy.

Sometimes the morning after pill can delay or cause weirdness with periods for at least the first cycle but sometimes the next cycle after taking it.  So I don't think you should panic.  I'm pretty sure you're going to be fine and I don't think you're pregnant.  It would be shocking if that happened because you took the right precautions at the right time.
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Hi chima7 thank you for your input i have read so many story's of woman that have fallen pregnant after using the pill in a shorter time period then me but i hope that's not the case here. If i don't get my next period which is due on the 1st of March i will wait a few more days if still nothing then i will go see a doctor to give me some thing to sort it out. ( on healthtab the doctor say that it should not mess around with your second period might be a little delayed or even early but should not skip it ) I know ever woman's body is different so the pill will be different for every one just from all the story's on healthtab from OB\GYN and doctor ect say that i should be concerned if i skip my second cycle which is kinda scary and make my mind wounder. I'm just hope some one out there that has gone through the same thing and what happened to them. Thank you Chima7 for taking the time to help not a lot of people are willing to and if they do it's just rude things that they have to say. God Bless
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I really think it should be ok but if you are still having trouble next month then getting a blood test at your obgyn would tell you for sure.
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You mean your sister-in law kept testing before 12 weeks and her preganancy tests were all false negatives or so? Or she never tested before?
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You mean your sister-in law kept testing before 12 weeks and her preganancy tests were all false negatives or so?
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