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my sister

my sister has just had the results of a smear test and it has come back as mild discariosis.what is it?will it progress into cancer?what treatment is used if any,and should treatment be taken as soon as possible??thanks,susan.
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I believe you are referring to a vaginal smear.  This is an ovarian cancer site so I don't know if many of us are up on these tests.  You could try the gyn forum or the Dr.'s forum.  You could also google it, web MD had a explaination.  Good luck
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this was posted by Mary53 back in august of 2006   might answer some of your questions

I am guessing that moderate discariosis is the same as moderate cervical dysplasia. I did a quick google search and came up with that. I had severe cervical dysplasia in fall of 96 and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (very very early...malignant cells in one cyst only) in the summer of 2000. I asked if there might be a connection between the two and was told "no."

As far as I know, there is no early test as such for early ovarian cancer detection. I know there is research going on. Mine was found during another surgery. But, I was concerned about this particular cyst for months and it was initially brushed off by the doctor. If not for the ultrasound tech, I am not sure where I would be today. I switched doctors and we paid attention to the cyst. So when my other surgery was done the doctor checked on the cyst and after the results came back, I was scheduled for a radical hysterectomy.
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I have just been told today that after a routine smear test they found mild discariosis cells. I was listening to my doctor but i still dont really understand what it means. She says that they will probably go away on their own and to wait 6months for another smear test.
Is this the right thing to be doing?
Any help would be appreciated
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Sunsail  these are old posts, pap smears do not detect OVCA, and this forum is for those affected with that.  I suggest you go to the forum for womens issues, maybe they can helpy you there
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