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nipples leaking dark green stuff

My tubes have been tied over six years now tonight I squeezed my nipples and dark green stuff came out of the right one they would leak milk if squeezed on and off for years but they've never been squeezed and dark green sticky stuff has never came out any ideas what this could be ?
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I would consider a visit to your gp, that does not sound right.
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This absolutely is NOT normal and I would asap get to your primary care physician.  They can order an ultrasound, CT, mammogram, or MRI to determine the cause of this substance, including some bloodwork as well. Do you do self breast exams monthly?  If not, it's a very good idea to start doing so, since breast cancer that is caught early enough is the best outcome.  Good luck to you, and please let us know what you found out.  
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You need to get to the doctor, not normal to have discharge of any kind much less green. If you are pregnant then discharge is normal but still not green. Nothing to mess with. Go to ur doc and ask to get a mamo. Good Luck to u
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This could be a number of things and no one can speculate that this is cancer.  

Hopefully you have seen a physician already.
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