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period or pregnant?

I am 8 weeks late, never been late before.. the last 2 weeks i have been having lots of discharge. My boobs much fuller and heavy and have nausea.  I tested 2 weeks ago and still got a negative.  I feel like i am pregnant.  Ive had all the hormone tests done and all is ok, my dr will not do a blood test for pregnancy as i have to wait till i miss my next period, which will be my 3rd missed period.  Yesterday i started spotting and expected to have such a heavy flow to make up for the past missed months,  Its is red blood mixed in with the discharge and not heavy enough to go onto my pad.  Sorry for the information.. but it seems like this period will last a day, if that.
Any information would be great.. i do feel and wish i am pregnant
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Hi there.  Welcome.  Well, not sure.  Very rare to get negative home pregnancy tests when really pregnant at the stage you mention that you took it if you are pregnant.  Women with a tubal pregnancy can have that happen but otherwise, it is extremely rare.  

I'm very surprised though that you've been in and had blood work and they didn't just check it for pregnancy.  I don't really understand that.  

I know that my ob/gyn doesn't see women prior to 8 weeks into a pregnancy because of the high rate of women thinking they are pregnant and not being so or early miscarriage.  Both of those things are common enough that they'd be spending much of their time just dealing with those issues.  So, at my practice, they make you wait to see them at all until around where you are at now.  

you must be close to when that third period would be due, right?  I'd start being ever so slightly pushy to get seen and have an office based pregnancy test.  squeaky wheel gets the oil and at this point, I think being seen sounds like what needs to happen.  

Now, I will tell you that I had an issue with my thyroid in my 20's that caused much havoc on my period.  I started having very long cycles of 3 to 4 months!!  I got PMS during that time so I had bloating, sore breasts, mild cramps, etc.  It lasted for over a year before self correcting.  I never took medication for it as the numbers were never very far out of line.  But my thyroid was slow and my hormones reacted in that way.  ???  

So, you could just be really late with an issue like that.

But I agree, it's time to get to the bottom of it.  Try to see your doctor within the next few days and let us know what they say!  good luck
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You might be, but it might also be stress from not getting your period. Stress can actually stop your period or make it really, really light, but pregnancy can be a cause as well. Spotting is a very common sign of pregnancy, so chances are very good that you are pregnant. Keep up with your doctor visits and try to keep relaxed about the whole thing. Light exercise can help as well (a gentle walk, light stretching, etc.) if you're feeling any abdominal pain. If you are pregnant, then congratulations! If not, then I hope things get better for you soon.
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Thanks for your reply.. i went to the drs yesterday and she didnt really say much.. I had to do another urine preg test, which i dropped off yesterday and wont know for another 10 days!! Also had bloods done today and took 5 tubes full to check every other possibility, thyroid, FHS, prolactin (as my right nipple leaks a little) and loads of other things i couldnt read. (drs handwriting).  I will have to wait 2 weeks for the results for that.  hopefully some solution will come of this as i just want to know whats happening to they can sort it out and i can get back to trying to get preg.  I wasnt even stressed about it until i missed nearly 2 periods.. havent even offered me the pills that kick start my period..

Will come back and will fill you in on the results.

Thank you for your comments and help and also to reverendbug.  Appreciate the feedback as i have no one else to turn to..
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