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scary irregular period 17 years old.

im 17 years old and about 2 weeks ago after having sex with my boyfriend i took plan b because we had a fear that the condom wasnt used 100 percent correctly. i had already had my period about 10 days prior.. a week after taking plan b i had my period come early, it lasted the normal days and the flow was pretty regular. its not almost another week later and i started experiencing brown to dark brown discharge the last 3 days. i woke up to now heavy bleeding and cramps. my flow is dark but still brownish not solid red. im worried something is wrong with me.
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Hi.  So, you are probably fine.  Plan B does work really well when taken within 3 days of your period.  But the downside of taking it is that it is a huge dose of hormones (which is how it works) and those hormones are then in your system.  This causes things like irregular bleeding and it can last up to three months.  Most likely this is what happened here.  I would think this is a normal pattern after taking plan B sweetie.  You can double check if you think it is necessary at any point taking a pregnancy test when it has been two and a half weeks after you had sex.  That's soon, right?  But I would be shocked if you were pregnant.  :>)
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okay thank you so much. i appreciate it <3
You're welcome sweetie.  I'm glad you are working hard to be responsible, that's awesome!  
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