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sex while taking medication

I have to take metronidazole for 7 days 2 times a day (1 pill in the morning and one at night). can i still have sexs while doing this process?
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It depends, probably, on what the metronidazole is for. If it is for a condition that can be passed to a partner, refrain from sex.
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And if it is for a condition (like BV for example) where a partner can pass the bacteria back to you as you are trying to get over it, yes, refrain from sex during treatment. The idea is not to get it back again. If the medication is for BV, is your partner also being treated with metronidazole at the same time you are? Some doctors do that out of concern that the partner will just give you back the same BV that you are trying to get away from.
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I agree.  I would not have sex until you finish the medication as Bacterial vaginosis can be passed back and forth and is one of the reasons why women have a recurrence. So, I'd personally finish the meds and wait until after to resume sex unless you use a condom.  
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