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swollen painful lump under arm and labia

I have had swelling under my armpit in a lump that is sometime the size of a almond up to a ping-pong balls size. It started about 4 weeks ago, it was just in one side and my Dr said it was a swollen lymph gland and gave me antibiotics. It slowly went away. I happened again 2 weeks later, same armpit slightly higher. Then 2 days ago I noticed a swollen lump in my labia majora. I went to the Dr who sent me to Emergancy. The GYN said it was not a bartholin cyst but just a cyst of the labia and as it was not 'to a head' it could not be drained 'yet'. It is so painful and they gave me pain meds, antibiotics and anti-inflammitory tabs. Today a new lump under the other armpit?
Are they connected?
Is it possible the lumps under my arm are cysts and not lymph glands?
Is there something I can do?
Is there something I should be worried about?
Is there tests I can ask my Dr to do to rule out anything serious?
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I have the same exact thing. Huge painful lump in my armpit and one on my labia majora. Dr said they were ingrown hairs that got infected. Have me on antibiotics, lanced the lump in my armpit and gave me a shot of cortisone in the labia majora. I'm in more pain than with three c-sections. Dr said they could be being caused by hormonal changes and being stressed will make it worse. Have to go back in two weeks. So yes, sounds like they are probably related. Worrying will only make you worse and sounds to me like it's what I'm going through and my dr didn't give me anything to worry about. She just gave me a stronger antibiotic and said come back in two weeks. She also said I could take Tylenol for the pain and to use warm compresses.
Ever find out what it was? I had a lump in one armpit, ultrasound and they said it was lymph nodes and nothing to drain. Two weeks later it’s gone and another one in the same armpit starts...it starts to go away in two weeks and now the other armpit has one and I have another lymph node in my groin area that is sore. I’m curious if anything came of this? Any answers?
Hi Roxanne2020.  Someone may answer you but it helps us also to help you by starting your own thread for us to answer telling us what is going on.  Has a doctor evaluated you the second time?  Are they sure it is a lymph node? There is something that is called Hidradenitis suppurativa which occurs similar to how you describe.  Start a thread and we'll chat more!
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