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symptoms without a name

what could this be??  4 months after a sexual assault, doctors are at a loss...

ongoing symptoms: yellow discharge, swollen labia and clitoris, redness at bottom of vagina, a creepy crawly prickly sensation from clitoris to rectum. Warmer than usual urination, w/ no burning.  Sore kegel muscle, sometimes spasms.

Tested negative for; UTI, yeast infection, chlamydia, trich, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes type 2 (I have type 1, cold sores) HIV.  (I waited 3 months for the herpes and HIV tests to be accurate.)

It's causing some bacteria because I did have BV for the first time in my life, but no antibiotic or cream has stopped symptoms.  In fact, one cream made it worse by causing the swollen labia.

Could it be herpes type 1 - but in the genital region?  Although I've had no blisters.  

The man who assaulted me was rather large and long, and had what I now know to be Peyronie's Disease, a severe curvature of the penis to the side.  I'm wondering what kind of damage this could do to a woman's vagina.  I did douche afterward (bad to do, I know, but I felt so 'contaminated.') The stress from the assault caused me to lose about 15 lbs, and I am in perimenopause.  My first period was very heavy after this happened.  

After 2 gyns, I am now going to a urologist tomorrow, hoping he may give me some answers.  if he doesn't, I think I need an infectious disease specialist.  But if anyone has had similar symptoms, please help in any way you can.
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